Dear LiB: A Response from Matt Sevinsky concerning the “Truth Squad”

Dear LiB:

Hi, this is 2nd Ward Candidate Matt Senvisky. I assume most people who read this realize the letter from the so called “truth squad” is absolute nonsense.

For the record I registered as a Democrat when I was 18 years old and have voted that way in most elections since that time. When I moved to PA. a couple years ago I switched to the Green Party although I would definitely consider myself a true Independent. After doing some research on our current council and the Democratic party in Bellevue I decided I should run for Council and would be able to make the biggest impact as a Democrat. I am glad I switched back to party I have been affiliated with for the majority of my life because the Democrats representing this town are a prime example of why people like me are becoming disenfranchised with the two party system.

Win or lose I would prefer it happens based off facts, credentials, and hopefully ability. I attended the Democratic Committee Endorsement meeting and can honestly say this committee is a joke and is doing a huge disservice to the Democratic party as a whole. While I didn’t go in expecting to get the endorsement what transpired was almost unbelievable. During the meeting each candidate had to share their backgrounds and what qualifies them for office. I believe one of my strengths is my lengthy experience reading, writing, and interpreting policy/ordinance. Mr. Viscusi openly stated in the meeting that he is not that great at understanding policy and relies on the others (Mrs. Viscusi, Jane, and Linda) to help him. For any rational thinking person that is basically stating that you aren’t qualified to be on council, let alone attain the endorsement of the Democratic Party.

After waiting for a week to be informed who was endorsed and not getting any feedback I reached out to the Chair of the Committee who apologized for not letting me know they were endorsing the Viscusi’s. I was not surprised but obviously very disappointed that the Democratic Committee in this town is so out of touch with reality and completely lacks the foresight to shake things up in the best interest of the party.

Basically I am sickened by the cheap attempt being made by the so called Truth Squad to discredit who I am based on party lines and not living in Bellevue long enough. What ever happened to credentials? education? morals?

As a Democrat I would like to take this opportunity to formally endorse myself since that basically carries as much weight as the endorsement the Viscusi’s and their friends gave themselves.

I love Bellevue and hope Democratic voters in the 2nd ward will allow me to represent you.


Matt Senvisky


26 Responses to “Dear LiB: A Response from Matt Sevinsky concerning the “Truth Squad””

  1. thanks Matt. Good to know there are honest devoted people in our community.

  2. Matt It was interesting that you wrote this today. I have been giving a lot of thought to this letter that was in my mailbox today as well as the phone call I received last evening from Linda Worshner, council president, asking for my vote for Jane Braunlich.

    While I have lived her in the “Northgate district” along time, many are surprised to learn I have not always lived here. I transplanted here in 1986 at the age of 20 (you do the math) raised to children in Avalon and almost 7 years ago moved into a new home with my husband in Bellevue to raise our little girl who is at Bellevue Elementary.

    I have been a life long democrat (well except for the one year I was independent trying to figure it all out) but one thing for sure is Democrat or Republican I will in the fall vote for the best candidate! The same goes in the primary, I may only be voting for the democratic candidates this Tuesday but I will choose who I feel is best for Bellevue and our area.

    Now lets look at that for a minute. If I vote for all those who are currently in office then that would say I am happy with the state of Bellevue and how they are conducting business, right? Well I have to say I am not pleased, I remember when everywhere else in the area neighborhoods were struggling Bellevue had stores open (talking 90’s here), but many are now gone. Why is that?
    Do I see the council working together for the community, do I see them at community events, or only what best serves their needs?

    I am not a political person in fact this is the most involved I have ever been and proud that so many new people are coming forward to say hey we need change we need to make it better we need to rethink old school.
    It is broken and we need to fix it! From what I have seen the same old same old politics as usual in Bellevue is not acceptable. So as a 27 year resident of Northgate and a democrat of 28 years I am ashamed to see what a disgrace the Bellevue Democratic party is and does

    So Good luck to all who are stepping up to make our community a place we can work together for the greater good of ALL

  3. Really happy to see a response to this bogus letter. And an excellent response at that.

    I have a feeling that the Truth Squad is more interested in taking advantage of some of the less informed voters in Bellevue than actually spreading TRUTH. What a shame. Even their name is bogus, along with the names of the leaders, and the P.O. box that can’t be found online.

    I must thank you, Mr. Senvisky for making your response public, i think it speaks volumes about your character and your morals. I don’t know you personally, other than shaking your hand at the forum (you know, the forum that the “endorsed” candidates refused to attend.) You’re not in my ward, but i think you have a lot of fresh ideas to bring to the leadership in this town!

  4. Markie,

    I am intelligent enough to form my own opinion based off of experience and research. I am running to represent the people who live in the 2nd ward not because i desired to be a politician but because i recognized the need for qualified candidates to step up for the betterment of our community.

    I am not affiliated or acquaintances with LIB or the current council members although i have had more interaction with the current council members and the Democratic Committee (one in the same). Since you fancy yourself as some kind of Democratic party hero/watchdog why don’t you take a step back and allow yourself to truly see what is going on with the Democratic party in Bellevue and ask yourself if the exclusion of outsiders with solid backgrounds and ability is the right way to go about building up the party.

    If you wish to speak with me or get to know me feel free to shoot me an email i will gladly correct your assumptions.


  5. Markie,
    You’re really good at ignoring the facts.
    FACT: The Truth Squad is a bogus name/group, no info can be found after numerous searches.
    FACT: The “names” on the Truth Squad letter are bogus names, no info/records can be found after numerous searches.
    FACT: Residents are feeling harassed by the Truth Squad, not by LiB. We’re not sending out bogus letters with false information.

    As for elected officials, if they didn’t want to have their decisions criticized, perhaps they should not have run for office?

    You seem to be in full support of this bogus group of ghosts. Odd for someone who is preaching transparency, don’t ya think? LiB members and the group itself doesn’t hide behind some bogus group name, and we certainly don’t use pseudonyms when we speak.
    You’re so full of disdain that you’re not even able to respond to Mr. Senvisky’s letter above, you actually ignore his response all together in lieu of going off on some tangent about late night commercials.

    In my opinion, your slimy hands are all over this, along with your BFF’s. Instead of starting a legitimate website, using legitimate names, a legitimate address, and pushing legitimate information, you continue to hide behind a pseudonym and hope that no one notices. The same thing that you’ve done with all of your facebook pseudonym’s for years.

    The proof’s in the puddin’…and if we weren’t on the right track, you’d be sittin’ pretty on you butt with no worries. The fact that you can’t seem to keep your mouth shut proves that we’re really on the right track. Seems like a lot of other people are paying attention as well…as of this post, 63,284 website hits is proving so. In a town of about 8,000, and the website being about a year old…you do the math.

    I’ll excuse myself now, maybe you can be a big boy and actually address the fact that a candidate is trying to say something with his Dear LiB blog. Perhaps you have some positive input for him, as I did when i stated that i thought his points were very good. I doubt it though, you already have your pawns chosen. The same ones that refused to participate in the forum, or refused to provide a bio, and the same ones that ENDORSED THEMSELVES. ha.

  6. And on a more comical note:
    Markie says:
    “You know the ones where they are trying to sell you something, (for just $19.99, but wait, just order now and you get two for the price of one!) The product is cheap and most often never works as claimed. Deceitful, wouldn’t you say?”

    This is exactly what I think of when i see two Viscusi signs next to each other! You get two babbling buffoons for the price of one! Except they cost the borough a lot more than $19.99 with every ridiculous motion that they dually support!

  7. Hi Markie,
    Swackhammer here. Yes, I have Mr. Sendro’s sign in my yard. After talking to all the candidates in my ward (though Mr. Braunlich was a while ago as he hadn’t been around at many of the local events recently), I found that there are some I would support and some I would not. I am not looking for personal political gain in this election. I never previously wanted to be in politics. I just want to see good representation in our town. I want to see people on council who care about our town and all of the residents, not just friends. That is why I am running. I care about seeing good people on council, so I will support anyone I think would be good for the people. So long as we have great representatives for our ward, ones who listen to all constituents and make decisions to better Bellevue, I’ll be happy.

    • Megan, to clarify, you have never spoken with me other than a quick ‘hello” at the candidate forum.

      • To clarify, I spoke with Mr. Lenard very briefly at the candidate forum. I do, however, feel that through his bio and answers at the forum I have come to see where he stands on some of the important issues. I apologize if this was previously misconstrued.

  8. Megan,
    Thank you for that well stated response to Markie. The integrity of your approach is precisely what this boro needs.

  9. Suzanne MacGuineas Reply May 18, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    The more I read on these posts, the more confused I become. I have been a Democrat all my life. My grandmother was a ward chairwoman in Lawrenceville and her brother was a Democratic congressman. My mother was a Democrat and my father was a Republican. But I have watched the videos of the Bellevue council meetings and I’ve been appalled by the behavior of our members. This borough, which I have only been living in for 15 months is decaying and I want someone, whether Republican, Independant, or Democrat, to bring it back to life again. Every time I decide to get involved and try to help, I become scared to death to get caught in the middle of these ugly fights. I have even offered a donation to LIB to help educate the Bellevue citizens. After an initial response from Nina saying that she would get back to me (she didn’t), I am beginning to wonder if LIB is really a Tea Party movement. I’d sure like to be able to figure this out by voting day.

    • Hi Suzanne
      I apologize if LiB missed getting back to you. We truly appreciate the offer for a donation however at this time we are not properly setup to accept such donations. We always ensure that we are keeping things above board as we think all politics should be.

      Just to make it clear, no member of LiB recruited a single person to run for any office in Bellevue for this election. Our cause was to motivate residents to run regardless of political affiliation. The statements made by some of the literature that has been going around is truly false. I am unaware of any registered republican who has switched their party to democrat. I am aware that there have been some Green Party, libertarian or independents who have changed. If there are others I personally don’t know.

      Again your offer to support a cause which is bipartisan and whose main mission is to show the community that the old ways just aren’t working anymore is shows how sincere you are for supporting the growth of your community.
      I hope you understand that while we would have liked to accept the donation we weren’t able to.

      I encourage you to maintain that belief that Bellevue can be recovered!

      Please stay in touch and we will reach out to you if our situation does change.

  10. Suzanne,
    I apologize for not getting back to you quickly, but please understand that we’re not exactly sure how to go about accepting donations at this time. We were actually speaking about your offer the other day, and I was planning on responding to you as soon as I’m able to give you an actual answer.

    Please understand that we’re all volunteers, so we’re all balancing out jobs (i have two), houses, families, etc. So sometimes acquiring the proper info about things like donations takes a little longer than expected. I think i explained this in the email that i sent, stating that i was simply not sure what the legalities were for accepting donations.

    I’m not sure what the response time regarding our conversation via email has to do with being a Tea Party group?

    If you’re looking for info about the candidates, we’ve provided everything that willing candidates have sent us.

  11. The candidates that Markie supports don’t want to hear from residents. They only want to hear from people that won’t ask them questions, won’t inquire about their reasoning, and won’t request to know why they voted a certain way. I have emailed the Viscusi twins, Mrs. Heffley, and Mrs. Braunlich for info on several occasions. Not a single one of them has ever responded. Linda Woshner is the only member of the Old Guard that responds quickly, and I have pointed out how much I appreciate that on several other blog posts.

    So if any of the residents that are watching this blog want to email those people, feel free, but unless you plan on stuffing that email with complements to inflate their egos or virtual gold stars for changing the parking meters from 9pm to 6pm, they may never respond to you. After all, THEY’RE the ones in charge, THEY’RE the ones with the power, how dare YOU ask them to elaborate on their decisions. A bio? Ha, they are too good to offer one of those up for you, the voters. Think about it!

  12. This, obviously, is not Jim Viscusi. How low can you get to pretend you are Jim. The unfortunate part is you do not know what you are talking about. At least say who you are. Why hide?

    • Hi Linda
      I agree with you. No one should be posting under false names. It is obviously not Jim. I do however wonder how you can condone the truth squad letters when they are also folks that will not reveal their true identity.

      I do not condone that message nor do I condone the truth squad message. You have picked and chosen. At the very least everyone with a brain can tell that the post by jimmy v above is obviously false. The truth squad however has confused voters with half truths and some lies and some of your points made seem to coincedentally mention specific points that they made.

  13. Mark,

    I am livid about your post. Do we really have to get to this? I don’t like the accusations about wrongs and lies. I know you criticize me every chance you get. It is unfortunate that people will believe this. I am doing what is right and in a honest and trustworthy way. I am not going to get detailed in this forum. This is going too far.

    For heavons sake stop all this finger pointing. All this bad publicity is not good for our community. If you want to do what is best for this community, emphasize the good things and work on what needs to be done. No community is perfect.

    This group believes that changes can happen quickly. It takes time and there is a process. Start looking around. There are many activities for our residents through out the year. Community Events in 2012 to name a few:

    Classic Car Show
    Memorial Day and Veterans Day remembrances at Bayne Park
    Summer Solstice
    5K race
    Sidewalk sale days
    4th of July at Memorial Park with free swimming and food
    Movie and concert nights at Bayne Park
    National Night Out
    Health and Safety Day
    Fall Festival and parade
    Christmas holiday celebration with Santa
    Library events – teen book club, general book club, computer instruction classes, holiday programs, 50 book challenge plus more.
    Police sponsored events – women self defense course and refuse to be a victim seminar.

    There are tax breaks for businesses and property owner who improve their properties. There is free parking evening and weekends to help the businesses. We have a library, two parks, a swimming pool, a skate plaza and a dog park. Compared to many small communities, we have a thriving business district.

    How many small communities can boast about what we have? Come on guys!

  14. Lib, Please place my reply to Mark Helbling’s post after his post of May 18th. Thank you. Linda

  15. Of course it isn’t Jim Viscusi he is busy taping people while hiding in a bush…Enough said.

  16. Of course it couldn’t be Jim Viscusi, he is too busy hiding in bushes video taping employees and their families.

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