Another Example of Gross Dysfunction

As most of our readers know, the political discourse in Bellevue has a history of getting nasty and personal. However, what many folks might NOT realize is the lengths in which people will go to get their way. In an attempt to allow for all voices to be heard and all positions to be recognized on an issue, Liberty in Bellevue has long maintained an open policy when it comes to comments on our posts and videos. Even when someone’s comments seem completely irrational and outlandish, we allow them to be heard/read on our website as a means of demonstrating what can be accomplished via complete transparency.

However, there comes a time when one must draw a line in the sand and make it clear that some language and fits of rage are simply unacceptable in the realm of community leadership. This morning the Liberty in Bellevue Core Group had to draw such a line. We received two comments from a “Michael Braunlich” which generated a long discussion concerning how to respond (whether this is the Michael Braunlich running for a council seat in Ward 1 or his and Jane Braunlich’s son has not been determined).

Should these comments be posted unedited? Should these comments be blocked from the website all together? Or should we use these comments as an example of the kind of dialogue and dysfunction that has plagued borough leadership for many, many years?

We chose the latter.

Below is the screen shot of two comments posted by “Michael Braunlich” (click on the image to be able to read it). They have been clearly edited for the sake of the decency of our website and to protect personal information. Attempts have been made to contact Mr. Braunlich, but we’ve received no response from him. We have shared these comments with the Bellevue Police Department to ensure any threats of physical harm against Liberty in Bellevue members are completely documented. We hope no further action will be needed in this regard.

Voting on Tuesday can help put an end to this kind of dysfunction in our borough. Vote for new, capable leadership to lead our borough towards a fresh start and new beginning.



20 Responses to “Another Example of Gross Dysfunction”

  1. Not to even further denigrate democrats (of which I assume all of the Bellevue Braunlichs are) but nasty, foul language is not an unusual default position when democrats fear they are losing the debate.

  2. Total class…

  3. “Liberty in Bellevue has long maintained an open policy when it comes to comments on our posts and videos. Even when someone’s comments seem completely irrational and outlandish, we allow them to be heard/read on our website as a means of demonstrating what can be accomplished via complete transparency.”

    LiB has deleted in the past all posts of those whose opinion differs from theirs. If it is someone who agrees with them they can post lies,unfounded allegations and be hateful, however, it is not the same for others. You can say it is Mark Purcell but I have seen it with others, too. Please practice what you preach.

  4. If we deleted the posts of those who disagree with us then why haven’t we deleted your posts. Or marks purcells posts?

    Please explain that?

    When you pointed out the fake names yesterday we immediately took what you noticed and started blocking other posts from false names. Are you going to thank us for that?

    • Mark’s Purcell’s posts have been deleted. I believe all of them.

      • You said that you have seen us blocks others posts too…who? Ill bet you can’t name any. Well you can’t say their real names anyway because it has never happened.

        And true to the way you govern Bellevue I am not worthy of asking question to a council member am I? That’s how it’s been for the last year….

  5. Ok linda ill call your bluff…you claim to have seen us delete or block peoples posts other than mark Purcell….who? tell me when? The only posts that have been deleted are those which are intentionally vulgar. Are you saying Janes sons posts should be allowed? Are you condoning that language?

    • Let Mark Purcell reply to your post.

      I do not know if it is Jane’s son. If it is, I cannot blame him but I think it should be blocked. How long can a child see their mother called names and ridiculed? She has been a target for over a year. Jane has been called sad, stupid, unqualified, corrupt plus more. It has to be hard for a family. What would you do if your mother was called all these names and had mean things said about her?

      No, a family should not have to take it. They are not the elected officials. All this for $150 a month.

  6. The above post is not from community leadership. It definitely is not from Mike Braunlich, the candidate. I personally know Mike and he is a polite and respectful person. I have never heard Mike say a swear word. Mike is a responsible person and is a true gentleman.

    This forum breeds hostility and allows false allegations. People can disagree. I have no problem with civil conversations and disagreements but personal attacks, name calling and unfounded allegations are not needed. Everything is described as scandals, fiascos, dysfunctions and etc. Totally blown out of proportion. In reality, it is a difference of opinion or perspective.

    • That’s right, because when Jane Braunlich SPITS and GROWLS at her constituents, it is simply a difference of opinion, isn’t it Linda?

      Or when Mike Braunlich threatens physical violence upon a former member of council for vocally disagreeing with his wife, that’s perfectly acceptable.

      Sorry, Linda, but this language and threats of physical harm are nothing but PAR FOR THE COURSE. The evidence simply doesn’t add up to your idea of “civil conversation and disagreement.”

      And, for the record, Mark Purcell’s posts were the only comments deleted from this page. One of the many reasons they were deleted, and one of the reasons Mark Purcell is no longer welcome on this page, is because of his attempts to malign the character of me and my family without an evidence to support his claims.

      Unlike you or Mark Purcell, we actually provide physical evidence of what we know to be true. Your claims always seem to be just empty words. Could you please identify ANY OTHER persons who were blocked from this website due to a disagreement? Can you please identify any UNFOUNDED criticisms of Bellevue’s public officials?

      • Linda Woshner May 21, 2013 at 12:46 am

        What physical evidence do you have that I am corrupt?

        When and where did Jane spit on someone? She makes sure that someone is with her when she leaves because of her concern for her safety.

    • Like you said above linda. but personal attacks, name calling and unfounded allegations are not needed.

      This the reason mark Purcell is not posting right now. While we will let it go to a degree calling people names such as hitler, Stalin, and Jim jones for well over a year could no longer e tolerated. Also he sent me a private message and said that he was no longer posting in order to be productive he was just posting for fun to exacerbate the conversation. Thirdly, he is not a resident of Bellevue.

      He actually told me that he didn’t need to post anymore because he got everything that he wanted accomplished over the last couple of years.

    • Mrs. Woshner, you are sorely mistaken. His own Facebook page is riddled with F-bombs.

      We can see the IP address of comments and could tell that several posts came from Mark Purcell’s computer. We blocked his IP address, so he can’t comment under any name…like Gomer.

      His comments on here were completely negative, obtuse, and usually irrelevant to the original post. Much like yours, he refused to debate policy or direction with us but rather focused on attempts to discredit us or characterize us as something he knows we’re not.

      The reason your posts and Council leadership has failed – and why I predict your friends will fail in tomorrow’s election – is because despite your true good intentions, you lack the ability (or willingness) to be in the company of those who don’t share your same views. You say we and the rest of the community have a negative attitude about Bellevue. We and others are dissatisfied with the current state and direction but you and your crew have been unwilling to accept the possibility that those outside your circle have good ideas. Read up on history – ignorance always brings down the mightiest of regimes. It’s time for regime change in Bellevue.

  7. I do believe there is corruption on the council. I believe the evidence of corruption can be found in how you, as a council, attempted to manipulate Frank Camello into voting with you and your cohorts as “Mark Purcell wanted you to.”

    I believe the evidence of corruption can also be found in how you, as a group, found every excuse under the sun to absolutely reject any opportunity to participate in the TreeVitalize program.

    I also believe the evidence of corruption can be found in how you, as a group, chased Tony Barbarino out of his job after Mark Purcell stated explicitly that he wanted Tony fired after the trees were removed in Bellevue Park.

    And to answer your question, you might want to ask Jane the same question – but I remember Jane attempting to spit at me outside of borough hall the night Frank Camello disclosed to the public his story of your attempted manipulation of his vote against his personal conscience.

  8. Linda is right about one very important point which LiB has been saying all along. It is differences of opinions and perceptions that is what these conversations are about. I remember the good old days when we would ask our council person something and they responded. Now that we don’t have that it is my opinion that they are more interested in just working in a closed little group doing whatever they want. When I voiced that opinion I was labelled, called names, and ridiculed by those council persons friends.

    Sorry Linda but just the other day you walked by and I said hello. It was a very small hallway in azure and I said hi how are you today? You looked and the floor and mumbled something. Your husband on the other hand is very nice man and when he recognized me smiled and asked how was doing.

    Therefore my perception is that you were being unfriendly and would rather avoid me.

    Is that civil enough for you?

    When I see that Jane claimed to be an active member of the friends of bayne library and seeing as how I have been on it for 5 years and never seen her, I say that it’s a lie. Because it is. That’s not a perception it’s a fact.

    • Mark,

      After meetings, people do come up to me and ask questions and I answer them to the best of my ability. You have asked me questions.

      Come on. There is a lot more we can do but there is only so much time in a day. Council members have a life outside of council and our employees are doing the best they can. Work with us and not against us.

      On Sunday, I did not ignore you. I said hi to everyone at the same time because there was a group of people. Maybe, when you thought I was mumbling was when I was talking to Mark Helbling? I have never called residents names. I would not do that. I have been attending council meetings since the early 1990s and my son and I were treated horribly including being threatened and called names. I would not do that to our residents. You have to agree, I listen and treat our residents fairly. I cannot agree with everyone but I do my best.

      If you talk about behavior, you may want to look at the audience at council meetings from our view. There are people making faces, shouting at us, eyes are rolling, not paying attention, talking loudly to others, and not listening to the meeting. I have had residents say they are afraid to come to the meetings because of the atmosphere in the audience. Let’s not point fingers but try to improve our own behaviors.

  9. I will say, as a complete outsider (trying) not to be swayed either way, that I welcome Linda and other council members to this discussion. I hope that neither side devolves into name calling, thus forcing someone to not post here. Having a different opinion is what is needed so a resolution can be possibly found.

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