Why Vote on Tuesday? Reason #3: Gross Mismanagement of Borough Staff

micromanageStill not convinced your vote is needed tomorrow? Here’s the third reason you should vote!

For months members of Liberty in Bellevue curiously observed as Bellevue Council retreated for executive sessions after nearly every meeting to discuss “personnel” and/or “pending litigation” matters. No one was allowed to go public with what was being shared in those executive sessions, but from the disgusted looks on the faces of certain borough leaders, we could tell it was something serious.

Everything changed on March 5, when Mayor George Doscher finally felt compelled to share with the public what he was legally permitted discuss. The story Mayor Doscher proceeded to tell was more unbelievable than we ever imagined.

According to Mayor Doscher, Councilmembers Linda Woshner and Jim Viscusi received some kind of a concern or complain about the job performance and daily whereabouts of longstanding borough employee and DPW supervisor Tony Barbarino. To be sure, Tony’s name was not and could not be mentioned at the time, but was later disclosed upon his resignation. Upon receiving the so called complaint, Councilman Jim Viscusi took it upon himself to follow Tony with a video camera. Mr. Viscusi reportedly was witnessed hiding in or around the bushes around the Barbarino household videotaping Tony with his family. To sum up Mr. Viscusi’s method of handling a potential problem with a borough employee, he chose to stalk and spy on Tony.

Tony Barbarino faithfully served the Borough of Bellevue for 16+ years. Tony received numerous accolades andhad been long celebrated by his coworkers, supervisors, and community members. If the complaint against Tony was legitimate, it should have been handled professionally by working through the borough manager. If the complaint against Tony was legitimate, after such a long standing career with the borough a solution surely could have been worked out.

However, this council, and in particular Councilman Jim Viscusi, chose to chase Tony out of Bellevue. This council, in particular Councilman Jim Viscusi, chose to spy on Tony and his family in order to find a justification for his termination. This council, in particular Councilman Jim Viscusi, seems all too interested in serving the interests of known political meddler Mark Purcell who explicitly stated on numerous occassions that he wanted Tony, among other borough employees (DAS Doug Sample, Solicitor Tom McDermott), removed from their posts in Bellevue. 

Don’t take my word for it, check out the video here!

Bellevue deserves better than to be mismanaged by a council majority that has no idea what it is doing! Bellevue deserves better than to be micromanaged by a council more concerned with the desires of a Ross Township resident who will “do anything to get his friends elected.”

Bellevue deserves a leadership more passionate about leading our community towards of vision of growth and prosperity than it is focused on taking care of its friends and cronies.

What do you say we give Bellevue what it deserves tomorrow? Get out a vote for fresh new leadership and let’s move beyond the mismanagement we’ve been stuck with for far too long!


15 Responses to “Why Vote on Tuesday? Reason #3: Gross Mismanagement of Borough Staff”

  1. There was no mismanagement of our staff. We are here to represent the taxpayer. I cannot discuss a personnel issue on the advice of our solicitor. Unfortunately, some do not know state law which does not permit us to discuss what is talked about in an executive session. It is unfortunate a borough employee’s private information is being discussed in an open meeting and in this forum. No public employee deserves this.

    • Linda – no borough employee’s family deserves to be stalked either! The Barbarino family was traumatized by what you and Jim Viscusi put them through. Jim Viscusi’s actions were absolutely detestable. If you weren’t so concerned about Jim’s re-election bid I’m certain you’d be saying something completely different. If you were being followed and filmed by one of your bosses (read: Bellevue Voter), I bet you’d be singing a far different tune!

      • Linda Woshner May 21, 2013 at 9:11 am

        I do feel bad for Tony and his family. This is why information discussed in executive session is not be be discussed outside of the meeting. They went through this because of the mayor.

      • Whoa. Tony and his family went through this because of Mayor Doscher? Care to elaborate?

        Seems to me that the Barbarinos went through all of this because of Mr. Viscusi. He’s the one who filmed them without their consent. Pretty sure filming minors without parental consent is a severe breach of ethical conduct.

        My other question is why it was inappropriate for the mayor to speak of this incident when Mark Purcell knew of the details and willingly offered them to me. Someone in that executive session violated those terms…and I doubt it was the mayor.

    • Agreed we aren’t talking about an employees actions n we are talking about a councilpersons actions. You are right though. You are to represent us not manage the daily issues of the borough. That’s the DAS’s job and of that doesn’t fix things then they can make the recommendation in an executive session to fire or discipline. Unfortunately you say you want to represent us but I have asked you multiple questions and received no response. This is what gives people the perception that you just want to control Bellevue. Just some free advice.

      • Linda Woshner May 21, 2013 at 8:12 am

        Mark, You do not know what you are talking about. The mayor was advised by the solicitor to not talk about anything discussed in executive session. Do you know more than our solicitor? I take my advice from a professional with a law degree who has many years of experience in municipal law.

        Also, we do have a say over the daily issues of the borough. Read the Home Rule charter and the administrative code.

        I respond to all emails. Please tell me which email I did not answer?

      • The question you have not answered is what is your plan for the future of Bellevue and what actions do you plan on taking in support of that plan in the future?

        Your response to me was that you have a plan but didn’t have time to post on our site. You seem to have an awful lot of time to post on our site.

        Also you have had multiple professionals offer advice in their area of expertise and while you listened you did not take them up on that. Why can you do that but the mayor can’t?

  2. Sorry Linda, at this stage I’m just not buying your assessment that there was no mismanagement of staff. The boro has a DAS. That person oversees staff. That person should have been advised of any complaints, and that person should handle these matters. It feels creepy that you condone the spy – cam activities of a Council member. It seems weird that you support Jane (a self admitted computer illertate) for Mayor. Jane simply doesn’t have the tools for the job in the 21st century.

    • The DAS was notified. We delegate the DAS to oversee staff. You do not know exactly what happened because this is not be discussed in public. You had the Mayor’s version. He wants to hurt Jim’s chances in the election. The solicitor advised the mayor not to discuss anything that was discussed in executive session. The mayor is not an attorney and had no right to make the decision what to discuss in public. The Mayor has been out of control.

      Jane has been working with computers. She is doing very well. Jane is a very smart women and does have the necessary skills to be Mayor.

      • What are Jane’s educational and work qualifications to be mayor? That’s the number one question that I have heard people ask.

        She is running on a platform of listening to ALL residents but ignores people when they try to contact her or speak to her.

        She also endorsed herself for mayor.

  3. The mayor submits a budget to council. Jane knows more about our budget than anyone on council. She will insure we have the budget earlier in the year to give council the needed time to analyze and vote on a workable budget. Our present mayor refuses to do that.

    Jane has a high school education the same as most of our residents. And our present mayor. She has shown that she is intelligent and detailed. She has managed both of the committees she has chaired very effectively. When she was on the Triboros Steering committee, she pulled that multiple page plan apart and made sure that conversions of single family homes would be difficult. She fought to reduce our exposure to undesireable zoning. She is the councilperson who identified where our sewer budget was inflated and made sure our sewer surcharge accurately reflects what we are paying for sewer repairs and maintenance.

    I am confident she will be a very effective mayor.

    It is not unusual for political committees to have elected officials on the committee. She was one vote on the committee. It was a closed ballot and we could vote our conscience. If she voted for herself, only she would know. Our Republican committee had elected officials on it when I last checked.

    • Anytime someone is in the position to vote for themself and their friends it is a conflict of interest.

      Jane endorsed herself. Just like all the other endorsed democrats with the exception Henry Lenard. And Lynn heffley but her son was on it.

      Paul Cusick Matt senvisky and vence Menosky are all endorsed democrats as well!!!

      Jane is standing at a poll telling people she is the only democrat on the ballot which is a flat out lie. There are two democratic mayoral candidates on the ballot.

      • Please say this isn’t true that she is standing there saying she’s the only candidate. If so, please someone go there and refute it with a Cusick sign…

      • Although she is our council person in Ward 1, my wife and I had never met Jane until she appeared at our door, introduced herself, and said right off the bat “You ask my opponent about his affiliation with the Tea Party, he’s not really a Democrat.” That was practically the sum total of her presentation–no mention of accomplishments or vision for the future. What a nice first impression she made. I am as far from the Tea Party as I could be but I do have an issue with a candidate who seems to feel that her main qualifications for the job are that she’s a lifelong Democrat and she’s already on Council, rather than the good things she has done and hopes to do. That’s not only the message of her door-to-door campaigning but also her handouts and website. On the local level, Democrat or Republican means nothing to me, I want to hear about ideas. I’ve tried to educate myself for this election by watching hours of video of Council meetings (painful) as well as the entire candidate forum. I wish that Jane had attended the candidate forum so she would have had the opportunity to present her positive message for the future since that seems to be lacking in her campaign. But on a good note, I’m pleased to hear that she’s learning how to use a computer. This IS 2013, right? Seems like a basic skill.

  4. 00gasman00,

    I have heard that as well. I have also heard that she had been called out on that though.


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