Unofficial Election Results

School Board:
-Lisa Saylor
-Amy Joy Robinson
-Dan Klicker
-Jennifer McWilliams

Bellevue Council Ward 1:
-Mike Braunlich
-Henry Lenard

Bellevue Council Ward 2:
-Vencent Menosky
-Matthew Senvisky

-Paul Cusick

-Tom Fodi


15 Responses to “Unofficial Election Results”

  1. Congrats to all, especially the 3 new school board candidates. Hope you guys to a great job.

  2. Looks like some good change!

  3. Bryan. Such a close election on one of the tickets. Great job! I am happy to have made so many new friends of all the school board candidates through this experience!!

  4. Goodbye to the Viscusis and Jane Braunlich.

  5. Congrats to the winners! New ideas.

  6. I would like to thank all the voters and all the people of LiB for your support and help. Let’s not forget that we still need to work hard towards the general elections this fall. Together we can move Bellevue!

  7. I seem to recall other winners as well, even those who ran unopposed. As a sign of bi-partisanship, it would be nice to name all of the winners. Even those you may oppose.

    • Hi gasman. You are right. The other election for a council seat in Bellevue ward 3 was unopposed on both the democratic and republican tickets. The results were D – Lynn Heffley and R – Grant Saylor.

    • We were merely reporting the contested battles of interest at the time gasman. Another post has since gone up that has the full list of general election competitions.

  8. As someone who’s been following this since the beginning I am glad to see these results. Kudos LiB/Bellevue! 🙂

  9. the citizen reported that Bellevue will have to live with the dramatic results of a few. I agree.
    and thank God. looking forward to next year.

  10. Isn’t it nice to get “unbiased news reporting” from our local newspaper? With every article, there are little phrases and slight opinions inserted from the author (owner/editor) of the paper. Fortunately for the borough, a lot of the prior “uninformed” voters of which this “newspaper” targets had an outlet to truthfully educated themselves by watching unedited videos of council meetings. Of course blogs written for LiB by the community members and LiB members are opinions and vision, but the videos can’t be tossed out. I think a lot of people had a wake up call when they would read the Citizen’s review of a meeting and watch the corresponding video…kind of makes you wonder if the author (owner/editor) of the local “newspaper” was at the same meeting.

    I think what we saw in this Primary election was a community that came together after educating themselves on the going-ons of council and leadership, and what resulted was truly inspiring! (to me, at least.) Everyone always talks about the divide in the borough, etc… Well I think that the results of the election are a clear indication that the divide is shrinking in this town. Education is the best tool we can seek for ourselves, and if people continue to educate themselves and inspire each other, and champion a better direction…we’re well on our way!

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