After working the polls all morning, the voter turn out appears to be a bit low. We cannot stress enough how important your vote is to the outcome of this election. Remember Jane Braulinch’s last election was decided by a single vote!!!

Bellevue desperately needs your vote. Our community is at a huge crossroads and you control its destiny. Will it continue down the road of stagnation and decline? Or will we welcome new leadership with a new vision of growth and prosperity?

It’s up to you! Get out there and vote!!!


5 Responses to “YOUR VOTE MATTERS!!!”

  1. And if you’re democrat get out and vote and vote often.

  2. I’m not saying anything partisan. Did I ever say I was a republican which would qualify anything derogatory I say about democrats partisan? My comment simply reflected a common practice among democrats where they need to employ that tactic to win and where they can get away with it. I comment negatively because I find the democrat party revolting primarily because of their relentless support of the party’s sacrament of abortion and their long history of the vulgar practice, past and present, of racism.

    • OK, my mistake. You’re not partisan, it’s just that you find “the democrat party” revolting because it advocates abortion, racism, and election fraud. Sorry for my misinterpretation.

  3. No problem. Just so you understand that partisanship requires support and espousal of a particular group or party and their ideas. Partisanship cannot be assumed from a person’s views about a group or party of which they are not an adherent.

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