Congratulations Bellevue!


Bellevue had an extremely exciting primary election last night. Many tremendous, even surprising victories were had in last night’s election. Last night’s victories confirm for us that Bellevue is desperate for a new beginning and new leadership. However, last night’s victories, though they were a huge step in the right direction, are merely the first half the battle to be fought. Preparations are well underway for the General Election in November. Here are the competitions as they stand today as a result of last night’s primary victories.

Bellevue Mayor: Paul Cusick (D) defeated Jane Braunlich (D) in the primary and will face Joseph Scioscia (R) in November

Bellevue Council:

  • In Ward 1 there are two seats available. Michael Braunlich (D) and Henry Lenard (D) defeated Michael Sendro (D) and will face Megan Swackhammer (R) and Kathy Coder (R) in November.
  • In Ward 2 there are two seats available. Matthew Senvisky (D) and Vencent Menosky (D) defeated Jim Viscusi (D) and Sue Viscusi (D). They have no competition on the Republican ticket for their two seats in November.
  • In Ward 3 there is one seat available. Lynn Heffley (D) and Grant Saylor (R) had no competition in last night’s primary and will face one another in November.

Northgate School Board:

  • On the Republican ticket Lisa Saylor, Amy Joy Robinson, Daniel Klicker, and Jennifer McWilliams were victorious.
  • On the Democratic ticket Lisa Saylor, Amy Joy Robinson, and Jennfer McWilliams were victorious, while Daniel Klicker and Bryan Johnston are tied.*

*According to the Allegheny County Elections Division, the tie between Daniel Klicker and Bryan Johnston for the Democratic Nomination for school board will be broken by a “casting of lots” at a date/time agreed upon by the candidates.


2 Responses to “Congratulations Bellevue!”

  1. my grandfather said “if you lay with dogs, you’ll get their fleas.” NO NO TO MIKE B.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners! So nice to know that the power of the internet and smart Bellevue citizens saw the need for change and the outcome proves it.

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