Bellevue Pre-Council Meeting, 4 June 2013

Below is the video of Bellevue Council’s Pre-Council Meeting from 4 June 2013. The time stamps for the video will be uploaded as soon as possible. However, we’ve heard from many who wanted to see this video sooner rather than later.

If you’re looking for Councilwoman Jane Braunlich’s post-election loss rant, go to the 1:04:00 point in the video. Between this point and the public comment there are plenty examples of dysfunctional leadership and ax grinding. Not sure any further commentary is necessary. Enjoy!

Timestamps are available below for easy navigation through this video.

0:01 – Call to Order, Flag Salute, Roll Call
ATTENDING: Jane Braunlich, Kathy Coder, Jim Scisciani, Vice President Jim Viscusi, Sue Viscusi, President Linda Woshner.
ABSENT: Mayor Doscher, Lynn Heffley, Mark Helbling, Frank Camello
Public Comment – Matthew Harding
Review of prior meeting minute for 4/9/13 Council Meeting, 5/28/13 Committee Meetings, 6/4/13 Pre-Council Meeting.
Motion to approve payment of the June bill list.

Treasurer, Administration, Engineer, Code Enforcement, Library, Council

23:15 – FINANCE – Sue Viscusi
-Motion to approve a two day transitional period for the new DAS
-Motion to recommend bills be signed by two committee members at pre-council meetings.

24:30 – PARKS & RECREATION – James Scisciani
-Motion & Discussion to approve the use of Bayne Park for a Sheppard’s Door event
-Motion & Discussion to authorize expenses for the Independence Day Celebration
-Discussion of behavioral issues at the Skate Plaza
-Motion to approve payment No. 1 for roof replacement at the Bellevue Pool
-Discussion of Bayne Library painting project
-Discussion of needing better Dog Park signage
-Discussion of Dedication of trails at Memorial Park, and inclusion of trials in the “Rails to Trails” project

45:56 – PUBLIC WORKS – James Viscusi
-Motion & Discussion to purchase a Mower & Bagger for the DPW

47:40 – PUBLIC SAFETY – Jane Braunlich
-Motion to close off sections of borough streets for the YMCA 5k race

-Discussion of CONNECT meeting

-Motion & Discussion for hiring part time DPW staff. Issues with nepotism are included in the discussion.
-Motion to approve Real Estate Tax Refunds for specific properties
-Discussion of a bike donation program

-Motion & Discussion on the Third Reading of the Pawn Shop Ordinance,an email from Police Chief Sentner with his recommendations is provided
-Motion made to take the Pawn Shop Ordinance back to committee passes
-Motion & Discussion on the First Reading of a Noise Ordinance Amendment
-Motion & Discussion on the First Reading of a Dumpster Ordinance
-Discussion of Parking Fines

1:04:05 – OLD BUSINESS
-Councilwoman Jane Braunlich goes on a rant
-President Woshner “explains” Janes rant in further detail

1:12:32 – NEW BUSINESS

1:16:23 – Public Contribution: Tony Barbarino, Grant Saylor, Danina DiBattista


-After Executive Session, Councilwoman Jane Braunlich states that she has more to add to her prior rant
-Council President Linda Woshner again shows support of Jane, and “explains” the rant in further detail



8 Responses to “Bellevue Pre-Council Meeting, 4 June 2013”

  1. What a TERRIBLY inappropriate series of remarks by Mrs. Braunlich. Mrs. Woshner should have absolutely stopped it because it was out of order. Old Business isn’t old drama or remarks about old topics – it’s motions that were previously made and have not yet been voted for approval/disapproval. HILARIOUS that she starts her rant by complaining that she’s been slandered then starts throwing out names based on a letter she refuses to offer for public record.

    Mrs. Woshner, who is a kind and sensible person, enabled Mrs. Braunlich to use a Bellevue Council meeting to denigrate fellow citizens using a bully technique. Good riddance!

  2. At minute marker 1:04:00, Mrs. Braunlich decides to go on a tangent about this and that. During her immature rant, she tries to pin me as being on a committee that hired a “friend” of mine to do the Streetscape design for Bellevue. She’s clearly trying to twist things to her advantage. In addition to my comments at the end of the meeting during public comments, i will leave this as a response to her accusations:

    “To be clear…I was asked to participate in the BDAC streetscape committee AFTER all of the people and businesses were chosen to work on the project. I was in the middle of opening a business and had absolutely no idea what the streetscape even was until it was brought to my attention by someone on the committee. I was then told that because i had a business in the borough, they thought my opinion would be well received on BDAC. I attended one or two meetings for the committee before telling them that i didn’t think that i could fit the meetings into my schedule. From that point on, i told them that if they would like to keep me in the loop via email, i would offer opinions when i could and when i was asked. So to be clear, i had no part in voting to hire anyone or any company for this endeavor. Jane has once again tried to twist things to her advantage, and unfortunately for her…she looks like a sore loser and someone that simply cannot handle the job that she was elected for. If she didn’t want to be criticized for her actions and decisions, she should not have run for council and run for a pubic seat.”

    Janes attitude towards her fellow council people and towards the public is atrocious, immature and elementary. I have a feeling that she’s going to try to “go out with a bang” by ranting on and on like this at every meeting. You know what they say…”if you give ’em enough rope…”
    I chalk it up to the old adage that people would rather destroy things that they don’t understand instead of trying to take the steps to understanding. She simply has no idea how to communicate on an adult level. Nearly every chance that she’s given to speak her mind is approached with aggression and anger, to the point that many viewers are not able to actually understand what she’s saying. If everyone remembers the many times that the Mayor has ranted and raved during a meeting, President Woshner is quick to silence him and label it as inappropriate. I guess the same rules do not apply to President Woshners endorsed candidate, Mrs. Braunlich?

  3. I just cannot understand most of Jane’s nattering. I guess the sound quality could be better.


  5. it appears to me Jane always makes comments about other members when those members are not present to defend themselves. Interesting? Her inappropriate tone and remarks show her hostility towards others. Not a very good approach for one who was trying to run in the mayoral race and current council member.

  6. When i say “give ’em enough rope…”, i’m basically referring to the LiB video camera as the “rope” because the Old Guard simply loves to perform in front of our camera. We’re there to record the meetings and post the unedited footage for the public to see, they see it as a reason to perform.
    During the 12 years that my family had a business located on Lincoln Avenue, we chose not to cover the beautiful front windows with drapes or blinds because it provided wonderful light, and it was a great view of the hustle and bustle outside. But with this open window came challenges…and the biggest challenge that we had over and over again were people who saw the open window as an opportunity to “perform” because they knew they had a captive audience (rather, a room full of people that had no choice but to see them perform). We had our fair share of buffoonery from the public, including girls who thought it was funny to press their boobs against the glass, boys who dropped their pants and pressed their bare butts to the window, groups of people screaming as loud as they could simply to draw attention and interrupt peoples evenings, and the list goes on and on.

    Our Old Guard is simply performing for the LiB camera, and now for their own camera. Yesterdays meeting was the first time we’ve seen another video camera in the room, being filmed by none other than Mr. Braunlich. With that in mind, you may want to re-watch the video again and see how much effort goes into the explanation of seemingly obvious things. They were all doing so well “acting” for their camera, until Jane was given the floor. Hence, the metaphorical “rope” that i speak of…

  7. Wow! Thank you LIB for the video. So sorry George and I missed this one. Who would think that Jane would still be bringing up our son. He’s over it everyone! Apparently Jane is not. Thank you to Tony for setting the record straight and showing what a liar she is. She is certainly going out with a bang for her last 6 months. Everyone is fair game for her ranting. Thank goodness she walked her husband to his car. We all feel better now knowing she got him home safely.

    • I think it’s hysterical that she thought it was an appropriate time to personally call out Frank Camello, Mark Helbling, and Mayor Doscher, all of whom were absent from the meeting. The only person that she called out that was present was Kathy Coder, who responded professionally. Jane doesn’t comprehend professionalism very well, so of course she backlashes with some ongoing rant, eye rolling, neck rolling, and pony tail flipping. She’s not capable of having a productive conversation about anything.

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