LiB Corrects “The Citizen”

I-Voted-via-Shutterstock-615x345Some statistics from past elections…

I’m not able to acquire statistics from elections prior to 2009 at this time due to the elections division being swamped with work from the 2013 primary election. I would also like to note that the numbers for the 2013 primary are not yet considered “official”, the elections office reported that their official results would be released in a few weeks. I doubt that the percentage of voter turn out will change drastically, but I suppose you never know. So please keep that in mind while reading these numbers!

It was reported in the local newspaper, The Citizen that there was low voter turn out…if the stats for 2013 are accurate, we had a better turn out in 2013 than we did in 2009.

I am only including numbers for Democrat & Republican voters due to PA’s voting rules in Primary Elections where only D’s & R’s are able to vote. In the 2011 primary, you will see that the stats included “non-partisan” voting numbers, this was due to the Alcohol Referendum being on the ballot, in which any/all registered voters were permitted to vote on the referendum question only (but not on the rest of the ballot.) You will also notice that numbers for 2011 are much higher, likely due to the alcohol referendum question being on the ballot.

All information was acquired on the Allegheny County Website using the “detail report” option:

The 2013 results can be found here:

2009 Bellevue Primary Results:






2011 Bellevue Primary Results:



DEM VOTES: 1,002


NON PAR VOTES (referendum only): 122

ALCOHOL REFERENDUM RESULTS TOTAL: YES=771, NO=856 (referendum fails by 85 votes)


 2013 Bellevue Primary Results (confirmed numbers will be released soon, these are based on the detail report on the Allegheny County website):







9 Responses to “LiB Corrects “The Citizen””

  1. Reply June 10, 2013 at 9:24 am

    Thank You LIB for the facts !

    • Let’s just stop splitting hairs.
      The bottom line is that voter turnout for the lower percentages is ridiculous and that SHOULD be a concern and nothing more!

  2. So what’s your point? The turnout was terrible in both years, and that’s not unusual. Due to apathy and ignorance the citizenry are allowing less than 20% of the electorate to choose their leaders. It doesn’t speak well for democracy.

    • Scott H,
      I totally agree with you about the numbers being pretty bad. However, it’s nice to see a nearly 2% increase in turn out, don’t you think? I hope that it’s a sign of what’s to come in the future.

      I think the article in the Citizen would have read MUCH differently if Ms. Rankin’s candidates (Mrs. Braunlich, Mr. Viscusi, and Mrs. Viscusi) would have won the election. Quite frankly, I’m pretty sick of the biased articles and opinions in the Citizen. Unfortunately, there are a lot of uninformed voters that take that paper as gospel. I feel like the entire publication is taking full advantage of the people that are so dedicated to reading it. I think it’s time for a REAL newspaper to be produced in the north boroughs, what do you think?

      • I still own property in Bellevue but have The Citizen mailed to my residence in McCandless and I really look forward to your local news.
        My son was a delivery boy and as far as I’m concerned, I don’t feel as though any of us have been taken advantage of as you have suggested.

      • Dan D,
        The Citizen is littered with opinions from the Editor, reports from council meetings that make an informed reader wonder if the author of the piece was even present at the same meeting she is writing about. Perhaps because you live in McCandless, these things aren’t as big of a deal to you as they are to Bellevue residents. No offense, but I’m not overly concerned with the legislation and “news” in Wexford because I live in Bellevue. I think it’s normal to focus a lot more attention to detail in the town which you reside. The well being of the town, the information that is being supplied to our residents in the form of “news”, and the extremely biased “news”paper are all part of the problem here. In my opinion, at least. I don’t think an argument can even be made when it comes to the legitimacy of an unedited video of a council meeting versus a newspaper article reviewing the council meeting. It’s clear as day to me that the “Author/Editor” of the council meeting articles in the Citizen is pretty biased/fond of certain council members. That’s not what a “news” paper is for.

        Mrs. Rankin also has a section of her website labelled “blog”, I think she’d be better off simply putting all of her articles in that section of her website, being that all of her articles are so opinionated.

      • Oh my! You seem like such a lovely person with an axe to grind. I think you better put your camera down and listen to what people are saying.
        First of all, I never mentioned that I live in WEXFORD, you just made that up!
        Second of all and more importantly, I pay property taxes in Bellevue and I am attentive to what is happening there thanks to The Citizen news.
        You seem as though you like to hear yourself rant and complain and I doubt if you even pay property taxes in that municipality.

  3. Agreed, Scott.

    If anything, the alarming story is that the borough is hemorrhaging a net loss of 100 registered voters a year for at least the past four. Interesting hindsight that The Citizen never mentioned the uptick in voting the summer of the alcohol referendum.

    Too many registered voters who believe they have to choose a party but never vote. Too many voters registered as part of the drivers license renewal process. Apathy comes from a lack of inspiration and a disconnect with the impact of legislation.

  4. Dan D,
    If you go back and re-read my response to you, it’s clear that I understand that you live in McCandless, I actually mention it in my response. I was simply using Wexford as an example for myself, stating that because I live in Bellevue, I am not tuned into the news or legislation in other areas (using Wexford as a generic “area” of which I don’t reside). There is no axe to grind here. Let’s use some logic before we go mud slinging at one another, what do you say?

    If you think the Citizen is a legitimate source of “news” in the Bellevue Borough, explain why the Citizen did not cover the candidate forum/debate? Perhaps because the owner/author/editor of the Citizen didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that NONE of the current seat holders showed up besides one that she’s not so fond of? Or maybe it’s because if it’s not reported in the local news paper, it never even happened? The location of the forum had a great turn out considering the short notice that was given to all candidates/residents. Why wasn’t that considered news?
    There was quite a hefty uproar of people in the borough last summer, residents that were infuriated with the over regulation of home grills. There was a pretty amazing event held outside the borough building as a community event/protest/picnic. There were local news stations, local restaurant vendors, residents serving up their favorite specialties, and plenty of media interviews to go around. The turn out was pretty astonishing to say the least. Again, NOT newsworthy? If the Citizen doesn’t report on it, maybe it never happened?

    Keep in mind, both of these events happened a 1/2 block from the Citizen headquarters.
    But low and behold, The Dog Park has a gathering or event…that’s absolutely newsworthy.
    These are just a few examples of not so great reporting. I stand by my statement that the article written by the Author/Editor of the Citizen about the winners needing to be ashamed, I highly doubt the article would have read the same if Mrs. Rankin’s candidates would have won.

    Why did you move out of Bellevue, if you don’t mind me asking?

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