June 2013 Bellevue Council Meeting

Time Stamps have been provided below to help with video navigation.

Council members are still NOT using their provided microphones, therefore there are sections of this video that are difficult to hear.

0:01 – Call to Order, Flag Salute, Roll Call
Jane Braulich, Frank Camello, Lynn Heffley, James Scisciani, Susan Viscusi, James Viscusi, President Linda Woshner, Mayor Doscher, Solicitor Racunas
Kathy Coder, Mark Helbling
Public Contribution- Dan Guyer (sp?), Carol Wivel, Rich Joyce(CONNECT), Scott Eiber (sp?)
Review of Prior Meeting Minutes for 4/9/13 Council Meeting, 5/28/13 Committee Meetings, 6/4/13 Pre-Council Meeting
-Motion to approve payment of June Bill list
28:44 – REPORTS
– Mayor, Treasurer, Administration, and Council Reports
-Motion to approve 2 business days for transition of new DAS
-Motion & Discussion that bills be signed by two committee members prior to payment
-Motion to approve request to use Memorial Park for fundraiser on 8/18
-Motion & Discussion to authorize an expense of $2k for Forth of July event (motion was amended several times until a cost of $1,400 was established). James Scisciani asked to be replaced as the event planner.
-Motion to approve payment for replacing the Pool Bath House roof
-Motion & Discussion to approve the purchase of a new mower & bagger from Home Depot
– Motion to approve the closure of streets from the YMCA 5K race
– Motion to approve the service proposal from HRG for bids on Housing Demolition
-Motion to approve real estate tax refunds for specific properties
-Motion to approve the donation of unclaimed bicycles to Allegheny Center Alliance Church
-Motion & Discussion to hire a new DAS
-Motion to hire Ronald Borczyk as the Bellevue Borough DAS
1:03:07 – ORDINANCES
– Noise Ordinance – First Reading (“SKIPPED”)
– Dumpster Ordinance – First Reading
– Metered Parking Ordinance – Third Reading
-Jane Braunlich reintroduces a MOTION to adopt the Pawn Shop Ordinance. During the 6/4/13 pre-council meeting, it was voted that this ordinance be taken back to committee before being voted on. (ORDINANCE PASSES)
-Mayor Doscher requests that council use their microphones
-President Woshner reads a letter from a former Borough intern
– Paul Cusick speaks about the Pawn Shop ordinance
1:15:20 – Motion to Adjourn


10 Responses to “June 2013 Bellevue Council Meeting”

  1. I owned a commercial lawn/landscape business for 17 yrs. my john d 54 inch zero turn commercial mowers were over 9k ea. good luck with a mower not designed to be used daily.

    • Ed Bowman,
      Thanks for the info. I believe the Mayor was trying his hardest to caution the council on their purchase. Although it seemed that his attempt got through to President Woshner, she seemed to agree with him judging by her reaction and body language. But low and behold, she voted to spend the money anyways on the non-commercial mower. I don’t think the tax paying public will be very pleased if/when they learn that the mower that THEY just purchased has run out of juice prematurely.
      There is a time to spend money, and time not to. This is one of those circumstances when spending the money on proper equipment will pay off in the long run.

  2. Just an FYI..I am counted “absent” at these meetings. I go through PAINSTAKING efforts when I am traveling for work to be on these calls…only to get disconnected after 5 minutes and this time, I was in CA, excused the class I was teaching early to be at the meeting, talked to the interim manager at 6:15 EST and she told me she would call me at 7:00. I sat in my hotel room waiting for an hour, tried to call and see what was going on….and still haven’t heard a word why I wasn’t called. I was told by someone attending the meeting there was no attempt made to get me on the phone. I hope this is not intentional!!!! I am very disappointed we can’t accommodate council members who have to travel sometimes for work. Not everyone has a life that allows them to be in town for
    every meeting—and believe me, we have had ALOT of meetings….

    • Kathy,
      I was also at the meeting on Tuesday. I arrived around 6:50 (10 mins early). I didn’t see an attempt to make any phone calls prior to the beginning of the meeting. If you’re making the effort to call and confirm that you’re available via phone and then not getting a call back, seems pretty unfair to me.

      I would hope that at some point our borough would propel into the year 2013. There are so many ways to join a meeting from out of town. Unfortunately, via speakerphone on an outdated office phone is not the best way to do so. There are options such as GoToMeeting, Skype, Polycom, and there are also several other FREE options to accomplish this as well. It would require that council members have an ipad, laptop, or notebook (which i think they were all issued notebooks on the tax payer dime a few years ago). Many claim that they don’t “work”, or that they don’t know how to use them. If they’re broke, find someone to fix them. If the user is unable to use them for lack of training, then perhaps it would be wise to take one months pay of the tax payer dollars ($150, i believe) and take a class at CCAC to learn the ropes. They offer non-credit computer classes starting at $49-$109. More class offerings are available in Spring & Fall, including computer basics, email basics, etc.

      The issue here is that most people with ideas, creativity, and motivation are also the people that have jobs. There’s no real way to keep up on technology, etc unless you’re active in the work force , if you’re not active in the work force, you likely end up with archaic ideas unfortunately.
      So as frustrating as it is (for me at least) to see empty seats at the meetings, it’s even more frustrating that our council is so determined to keep this borough in the past that they refuse to accommodate for the members that have to leave town but are making themselves available.

  3. Where can I get a copy of the noise ordinance? Or the particulars of the proposed ordinance?

    • Hi Bill,
      I think you can email Council President to get a copy of it sent to you.
      Council Pres. Woshner: woshner@bellevueboro.com

      Unfortunately, I’m not sure if a “noise” ordinance is able to be enforced in the borough because they don’t own a decibel meter. The action that they’re speaking of in the videos is to AMEND our current ordinance so that sports games and public events are excluded from the ordinance. However, without a decibel meter and set decibel limits, enforcement of the current noise ordinance is left up to the opinion of an officer, resident, or governing body to decide what is too ‘loud’.

      Just another unenforceable ordinance!!!

  4. About a quarter mile of North Fremont is split by Bellevue and Ross Township. As are all houses at the end of North Harrison, North Euclid, and North Bryant along Maple Avenue. How many houses are across a road from Avalon? Just like the burning ordinance, pawn shop ordinance and other ill-advised legislation from this council leadership, this noise ordinance doesn’t protect them from nuisance neighbors in other municipalities. Bellevue does not exist in a vacuum.

  5. Scott, I think it was Ben Franklin that said something to the effect that the more laws we have the more lawless we become. That burning ordinance was one of the silliest hare brained schemes ever passed by Bellevue Council. Maybe the new regime will overturn it.

  6. Our council seems to equate progress with passing laws. I guess they feel like they’re not accomplishing anything unless they’re tightening the choke hold on the community with ridiculous, unenforceable ordinances.

    “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty, than those attending too small a degree of it.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

  7. The noise ordinance amendment is a response from certain members of Council (most likely Jane with some connection to BAGAA) to my family’s ongoing attempts to limit, regulate, change, and/or eliminate the excessive use of the electrical amplifying equipment (NOT an attempt to enforce normal game fan/crowd noise) used at Bellevue’s Gillott Field (recently by legal council). It is their attempt to make the noise ordinance unenforceable at Gillott Field from April through August, to include a fall league, 3-4 times a week, hours on end, field/game preparation, practices, warm-ups, and during game-time where electrical amplified MUSIC and unregulated VOLUME is permitted.
    However, the proposed noise ordinance AMENDMENT could be in direct conflict with THE TRI-BOROUGH COMMUNITIES, JOINT ZONING ORDINANCE 2000.1, August 2009, §2000-903. Noise. Noise which is determined to be objectionable because of volume, frequency or beat shall be muffled or otherwise controlled, except that fire sirens and related apparatus used solely for public purposes shall be exempt from this requirement. Noise in excess of ninety (90) decibels as measured on a decibel or sound level meter of standard quality and design operated on the A-weighted scale at a distance of twenty-five (25) feet from any property line of the property on which the noise source is located shall not be permitted.”
    Just for the record, local ordinances can be enforceable. You just need the police to write the tickets. Noise ordinances in other suburban communities is taken quite seriously.
    On a lighter note, the good news is that if this amendment passes we all can legally take turns blasting our portable BOSE systems from within Bellevue’s Memorial Park directly at Mark Purcell’s residence.

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