Berry Quool!


Some us enjoyed a post-LiB Core Group Meeting to celebrate the opening of Bellevue’s newest business, Berry Quool. If you live in or around the North Boroughs and enjoy some fabulous froyo, you have to check Berry Quool! After arriving shortly after 9pm last night, we were pleasantly surprised to see the place explode with customers all the way until near closing time at 10pm (that’s right, this is the one and only business that is open until 10pm most nights…open until 11pm on Friday and Saturday)!! In fact, many of us overheard a customer proclaim, “In here I feel like I’m hanging out in Squirrel Hill!!”

We are so excited to have Berry Quool as the newest business on Lincoln Avenue. Be sure to check them out in person (600 Lincoln Avenue, attached to the Rent-A-Center) or through their digital mediums (Berry Quool’s Facebook Page; Berry Quool on Twitter)! If you send the message ‘quoolme’ (without quotations) to 463898 you’ll be entered into their texting service which will include periodic specials. Enjoy!

2013-06-30 21.11.54

2013-06-30 21.12.022013-06-30 21.25.14 2013-06-30 21.37.24 IMG_20130630_212834


6 Responses to “Berry Quool!”

  1. Suzanne MacGuineas Reply July 1, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Sounds wonderful. An address would help!!!

  2. This looks like a winner for Bellevue. I hope the gang of four doesn’t do something to FIU before their terms expire.

  3. Awesome news! Bummer I was out of town when they opened. Just what bellevue needs. 🙂

  4. We went last night and it is was so refreshing—Not just the yogurt, but the owner’s attitude, the environment and all the people congregating there. I encourage everyone to patronize this store—We need 20 more hip places like this!!!! YEAH!!!!

  5. Just to clarify..My husband and I were there around 7:00PM-NOT with the LIB group.

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