The Floor is Open for Public Contribution Bellevue

Since its inception, Liberty in Bellevue has been more of a movement than an organization; a movement of change, a movement of taking back control of our borough, a movement of pursuing a new direction for our community, the dawning of a new era of revitalization in Bellevue, PA. As the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan region sees incredible growth and prosperity, even though all the necessary pieces exist in Bellevue to share in the renaissance, our community remains stagnant at best. Properties are sitting vacant, store fronts remain unfilled, the school district is forced to make difficult economic decisions, the tax base is maxed out, and, perhaps worst of all, many of our current crop of elected leaders have little vision for overcoming these challenges.

As many of the people who would become the original Liberty in Bellevue movement core group gathered to dream and envision what Bellevue “could be,” we brainstormed a multi-staged strategic plan for pursuing that vision. First and foremost on the plan was to spark the interest and motivation of Bellevue voters to regain ownership of their own community. The average Bellevue voter had no idea for whom they were voting each time they went to the polls. Our goal was to ensure the voters not only knew for whom they were voting, but also their track record for aiding and abetting the current state of affairs in our community. Considering the overwhelming results of the election in May, we believe we have accomplished this initial stage of our plan to return ownership of Bellevue to its active voters.

george-marks-man-using-typewriter-side-viewBellevue is your community and Liberty in Bellevue is your movement of regaining control of it. Our initial thought was to hold a large “town hall meeting” type of event where all who desired could have their concerns, thoughts, and questions heard in one space at one time. However, organizing such a gathering in the midst of our community’s already busy schedule seemed an unnecessary challenge when the power of the internet might be the only platform necessary for such a forum.

Though we still have another election budding on the horizon in November, the time for the second stage of the Liberty in Bellevue movement is fast approaching: to empower Bellevue residents, business owners, and friends to voice their concerns and get involved in the hard work of redeveloping our once great borough. The Liberty in Bellevue Core Group was never intended to be the group to “do it all” and fix all that ails Bellevue. The only way to revitalize a community like ours is to harness the innate passion, interests, talents, and gifts of the more than 8,000 people who call this community home.

With that being said, Liberty in Bellevue wants to hear from you! Hundreds of people from our community read what is shared via the Liberty in Bellevue website every day. If you have a concern, we have the platform from which to be heard. If you have a question, chances are we have the readers with a possible answer. If you have an idea that could help improve our community, the people of Bellevue are waiting to hear it!

If you are interested in sharing speaking up and expressing your concerns, questions, and ideas with your community, we invite you to do so by putting it down in writing and e-mailing it to Whether you are a resident, business owner, or simply a friend of Bellevue, all are welcome to submit a post. All posts submitted for publication on the Liberty in Bellevue website must include your full, legal name and identification as either a resident, business owner, or friend of Bellevue, we will not post any anonymous letters (you need not share an address or other personal contact information).


4 Responses to “The Floor is Open for Public Contribution Bellevue”

  1. A lot has been posted on this site regarding Bellevue leadership, ordinances, council meetings, etc, but there hasn’t been much to address current issues affecting our school district. I am not sure how to spark such dialogue on this site, but I am a bit surprised that issues facing our school district haven’t been addressed since two of the school board candidates are closely associated with LiB (I assume they are part of the “LiB core”, but I may be incorrect in my assumption). No doubt the school district will play a big role in Bellevue’s future, and it would be a good compliment to some of the other topics discussed on this site. I don’t have any particular suggestions at the moment, rather I am just sort of thinking aloud.

  2. I agree, Bryan. Bellevue, Avalon and Northgate are all interwined in the big picture and each are impacted by many of the issues confronting property tax paying residents. As I had proposed in my response to the LiB questionnaire in the spring, regular – perhaps even quarterly – meetings need to be scheduled between the Bellevue and Avalon councils and the Northgate School District so that issues can be addressed in a cooperative and cohesive manner.

    • I announced at a Bellevue Council meeting the formation of a Intergovernmental Committee consisting of 2 representatives each from Avalon council, Bellevue council and the Northgage school board. We met the end of August and will discuss issues affecting us. Please feel free to email me with topics which you believe affect both our school and community.

  3. Hi Guys!!!
    Great input! LiB would love to begin to cover the School District issues, however we’ve been spreading ourselves thin during the election year covering Bellevue Council issues. We would love to have you submit a Dear LiB blog regarding your ideas, issues, support, ect for things happening with the School District. Please put your opinions and ideas into a blog for us!! You can send it to

    Looking forward to hearing your ideas!
    Danina DiBattista
    LiB Vice President

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