Look Who Has the “Never Say Die” Spirit

2013-09-16 10.04.44Even after a devastating defeat by more than 15% of Bellevue’s registered Democrats, it appears Jane Braunlich is not giving up the fight to be named Bellevue’s next mayor. Numerous people contacted Liberty in Bellevue to report witnessing Braunlich personally going door to door leaving these small postcards which encourage people to write her in for mayor in November’s election. According to one source, LiB has learned that Braunlich’s campaign may not be an attempt to actually win the election, but more so a pursuit to split the vote against her Democratic rival Paul Cusick.

You might recall that Jane campaigned as the only “endorsed Democrat” on the ballot in the Primary Election. But as LiB pointed out back then, the endorsement came from none other than her friends Jim Viscusi, Sue Viscusi, Linda Woshner, and herself (all active members of council) identifying themselves as the official Democrat Party of Bellevue. Could this attempt at a write in campaign be nothing more than a spiteful revenge plot against her Democratic adversary who successfully helped party members see the self serving deal that was made by Braunlich’s friends on council?

Sadly, it would hardly be the first time a Bellevue politician used revenge and spite as motivation for decisions made effecting the entire borough.


6 Responses to “Look Who Has the “Never Say Die” Spirit”

  1. BARRFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how bout we write that in for Janies effort………….

  2. A “worker”?! Can anyone confirm for me the last paying job (not paid by tax dollars) that Mrs. Braunlich held?
    A SPITEFUL attempt is right. A sore loser that would rather spend time and effort trying to bruise her opponents campaign instead of using her abundance of free time to actually do something to make the borough better.

  3. What a freakin’ loser. And an embarrassment to the community! She makes that dufus from Ross, what’s his name by the ball field, seem normal.

  4. I guess primaries don’t matter anymore. Ms Braunslich ,you lost your party’s primary. Blame it on voter turn out?, the fact is that people either didn’t vote for you or felt it not important enough to show up and support you.. Show some class, Bellevue deserves better than this.

  5. It’s over Jane.
    You’ve had your chance, as have your buddies. You blew it.
    The people of Bellevue have spoken and will speak it again even more vehemently in November.
    Time to move on and get over it – maybe you’ll have time to do something really productive now … like knitting!

  6. i just received my post card last nite. Wow what people do for attention. off to the recycling bin it went.

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