Election 2013: General Election is Nearly Upon Us!


It’s hard to believe, but the November General Election is less than a month away! On Tuesday, November 5, Bellevue voters will perform their civic duty in deciding once and for all who will lead our borough and school district for the next four years. In the interest of reminding all voters whom they will have the opportunity to choose between, below is a list of the candidates categorized by the office they seek and a link to the biographical information they provided LiB prior to the primary election.

Bellevue Mayor

1) Joseph Scioscia (R)

What is your vision for Bellevue?

Beautiful, peaceful, affordable.

click here to read the rest of Mr. Scioscia’s biography and survey response

2) Paul Cusick (D)

I would like to see Bellevue honor its past, deal with the present situations and build for the future. I believe that Bellevue’s business district will, overall, reflect the wants and needs of the residential community. The business district can also become more of a draw from outside the north boroughs with the infusion of specialty shops and services. Bellevue’s large stately homes offer a revitalization opportunity to improve the neighborhoods and attract buyers who will cascade the improvement to other potential buyers. I believe that safe, clean neighborhoods coupled with a quality school district and a vibrant business district should be the goal of our elected officials.

click here to read the rest of Mr. Cusick’s biography and survey response


Bellevue Council

Ward 1 (two seats available)

1) Megan Swackhammer (R)

Bellevue is a quaint town just minutes from downtown. I would love to see Bellevue to become a destination town. Talking to friends and family from the Pittsburgh area, they ask where I live. When I say Bellevue, I’ve heard things like…“Where??” I would love for the people of Pittsburgh to hear Bellevue and think of all the time they spend in our great restaurants, cute shops, and beautiful parks.

click her to read the rest of Ms. Swackhammer’s biography and survey response

2) Kathy Coder (R)

As the old proverb says…Where there is no vision the people will perish. We desperately need leaders to cohesively rally around a common vision that transcends politics and personal agendas.  I believe this will be a big part of the future success of Bellevue.

click here to read the rest of Ms. Coder’s biography and survey response

3) Henry Lenard (D)

My vision for Bellevue is one where newcomers and their ideas are welcome, long-time residents and their knowledge of the borough’s past is respected, and all participate as one to move Bellevue into the 21st century. There are many paths to the same destination and we need to work together as a community to ensure that all opinions are valued and not discounted because of someone’s length of time – be it too short or too long – in the borough, or their party affiliation. If we can put all that aside and work for the common good, we can make Bellevue the community we know it can be.

click here to read the rest of Mr. Lenard’s biography and survey response

4) Michael Braunlich (D)

no biography information or visionary thoughts provided


Ward 2 (two seats available)

1) Matthew Senvisky (D)

As a homeowner with kids in the Northgate school district I have more than a vested interest in seeing this Borough turn into a destination spot for young families and good people looking for a safe, clean, tight knit, forward thinking community to live and shop by capitalizing on all the things that attracted my family to live in Bellevue.

click here to read the rest of Mr. Senvisky’s biography and survey response

2) Vencent Menosky (D)

[I’d like help] to create a town that has its own identity. We have many attributes to offer that range from our central location to important access points to our diverse properties that have a little bit of everything to offer to home owners. Believing that we can move our small town in the direction of forward, to compete with similar towns in our region and grab a foothold that makes our citizens proud of the progress and challenges that we faced so that one can say true and loud, yes I live, shop, and worship in Bellevue.

click here to read the rest of Mr. Menosky’s biography and survey response


Ward 3 (one seat available)

1) Lynn Tenant-Heffley (D)

no biographical information or visionary thoughts provided

2) Grant Saylor (R)

My vision is for Bellevue to be looked up to as a community that is well balanced – A strong business district and a strong school district that create a vibrant community. In order to have either of those you must have a place where businesses can thrive and families feel welcomed and safe. This community is a hidden gem in Pittsburgh and needs strong leadership and vision to bring it out of the past and into the present.

click here to read the rest of Mr. Saylor’s biography and survey response


Northgate School Board (four seats available)

1) Bryan Johnston (D)

My vision for Northgate is that in addition to offering an excellent classroom education, we will continue to offer our students the opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities that will give them a well-rounded education, making our district a much sought after destination for families. To that end we need to view Northgate as the place where we send our children to learn and grow to become young men and women, and not as a struggling business where every decision is made based on how it immediately affects the bottom line.

click here to read the rest of Mr. Johnston’s biography and survey response

2) Daniel Klicker (R)

My vision for Northgate is to sustain and strive to improve the quality educational and extra-curricular programs that Northgate offers so that the school can best serve the students and the community. I believe that looking to the future and planning accordingly is imperative, especially given the current climate of public education and the economy nation-wide.

click here to read the rest of Mr. Klicker’s biography and survey response

3) Lisa Saylor (D/R)

My vision for Northgate is conceptually simple: to provide 1st rate education while continuing to provide access to the myriad of extracurricular activities currently available to our children. This must be accomplished while balancing the district budget and keeping the tax burden of our property owners at an affordable rate.

click here to read the rest of Ms. Saylor’s biography and survey response

4) Jennifer McWilliams (D/R)

When I visualize Northgate thriving at its full potential I envision cooperative learning opportunities for students, effective differentiated instruction, advanced technology capabilities in classrooms, accessible resources for equipping parents in need as well as students, and the opportunity for every child to succeed. Some may think this is an unrealistic vision, but I challenge us all to aim higher.

click here to read the rest of Ms. McWilliams’ biography and survey response

5) Amy Joy Robinson (D/R)

My vision for Northgate is one that encompasses identifying our strengths and continuing to build upon them, while also maintaining a key focus on our challenges and working with our councils and residents to improve those areas. As a school board member, my vision for Northgate is to maintain a fiscally sound district during these tough times, while ensuring that an open dialogue exists between the school board and its residents.

click here to read the rest of Ms. Joy Robinson’s biography and survey response


7 Responses to “Election 2013: General Election is Nearly Upon Us!”

  1. Nice platitudes, all. How about something of substance and directly noting and addressing some problems and goals.

  2. Hi Bill, I think with some of us just beginning our pursuit for politics, it is going to take some time to get into the system to understand the full core of what needs to be done. Many of us in the community would agree that some who are already in office are not making any movement or forward progress. Hopefully new people will encourage growth and change with the already existing council….teamwork. Secondly we would all like to see more business. How do we get that? Why isn’t here? These are questions I have not yet got a solid answer and I feel with some time within the system I will better understand the forces that perhaps whole back the economic growth. People do have theories on why and some have merit but until I feel I have the other side of the story, I can’t state a strong enough resolution except for I will do my best to get to the bottom of it and make the changes that help us move forward.
    Substance will come with the experience. Similar to a dating site where everyone is looking for kittens and rainbows. It’s not until the relationship starts, does the growth of something stronger yield from such a simple premise of kisses and hugs.
    If you would like to share some of the problems you feel Bellevue has, please list them here so we can perhaps give you an idea on how we would try to resolve the matter.

    • So many of our elected officials run on a promise only to find out decisions are often made by others beyond their control. As a newcomer to the political scene and a possible representative, I am all too familiar with the red tape associated with holding an elected office. I am Judge of Elections in my district and had nothing to say about the new machines being put in. However, I wholeheartedly supported transition to 21st Century technology after years of using the old crank machines. The fictional movies about “High Tech” capabilities and advanced technology in US Government are a fallacy until as late at 2008 when local officials decided it was time to get with the times. I wholeheartedly support any candidate, including myself, who see a vision of computerized voting and “e-government” services. Lets move Bellevue and PA forward!

  3. Joanne, Your vision of egovernment in Bellevue is in the works. The council and police use Microsoft Sharepoint. Our next step, I believe, will be with our Right to Know requests which will be done on our website. I mentioned this at our last council meeting. We are a step ahead of many communities. In addition, our local council of governments has introduced egovernment ideas to the group.

    This is not meant as a criticism of the candidates but what you say is true. First, it takes more time than you think to accomplish certain goals. Of course, it takes money to fund the goals and where is the money going to come from. Grant money is in short supply and a sizeable contribution to the cost is expected. What are you going to cut? Someone is not going to be happy. Additionally, most tasks are performed by the borough employees. How fast can they work? You, also, need a majority vote of council. Sometimes, a 2/3 of council vote. It is easy to say what you want to do when you take office but, more importantly, how can you accomplish your visions. Is it doable? Can it be done by local government? Where are you going to get the money? Local government’s authority is only what has been given to it by our state government. Be careful what you promise. Don’t forget there is a large learning curve in the beginning.

    Thank you for your insight.

    • Thank you, Linda, I appreciate your answer. I already know Bellevue has made great progress on e-government solutions and I am pleased with what our elected officials have done so far. I understand financial resources are scarce and doing the “doable” can be difficult. You all have done a great job so far. Keep up the good work!

  4. Why would anyone vote for Cusick? He is a hard worker and has impressive credentials. He is, however, part of the cabal that in the last twenty years has overseen the deterioration of Bellevue as a place to reside and/or do business. Same old tired ideas and leadership can be expected of this candidate.


  1. Bellevue Candidate Forum, October 28, 6:30-8:30PM | Liberty in Bellevue, PA - October 14, 2013

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