Bellevue Candidate Forum, 28 October 2013

We’d sincerely like to give a huge thanks to the League of Women Voters, and the North Suburban Chamber of Commerce for helping to coordinate and sponsor this event for our community! We are so happy to see increased community involvement with council meetings, online discussions, and events such as the Candidate Forum! It really does take a village!

We’re confident that video taping and posting meetings, events, and forums such as this is helping to make this information accessible, transparent and available to everyone in our community!

Mayoral forum begins at 5:48
Council forum begins at 25:05
School Board forum begins at 1:07:11

We had a good turn out of candidates for this forum:
-Both Mayoral Candidates participated.
-Five out of eight council candidates were present.
Lynn Tennant Heffley RSVP’d that she would be participating. A few hours before the forum was scheduled to begin, she sent an email stating she would not be participating.
Megan Swackhammer and Michael Braunlich declined to participate.
Michael Senvisky attended the forum but chose not to participate in the discussion.
-All five school board candidates participated.


5 Responses to “Bellevue Candidate Forum, 28 October 2013”

  1. Thanks for hosting this and filming it for those who could not attend! I was really hoping that the moderator would ask the school board the same question she asked the other candidates with regards to the future outlook of the community and district. Since we didn’t get to it, I touched on it here:

  2. I find it interesting that candidates didn’t show up to represent themselves and that our local paper didn’t even cover this event. However, in today’s CItizen their was plenty of favorable coverage of the very people that were invisible Monday night. I appreciate the League of Women Voters giving every candidate a fair platform and presenting citizens the facts about the candidates and a public forum by which constituents can form their own opinions- A practice our local journalists should consider it they ever want to be taken seriously.

  3. Kathy, you are doing a disservice to the citizens of the community by addressing the contributors or editor of the Citizen as “journalists”. The Citizen is basically a weekly that reports who died, who beat who in some sports event and who or what organization is doing what this week. It is nothing but a silly rag when it comes to editorial content. If you brand the people of the Citizen as journalists some people may take their simplistic and narrow minded views seriously.

    • If you don’t like what information is printed in your local rag then stop reading it. I have relatives who play sports at Northgate and they can’t wait to see their pictures printed.
      If you want good editorial content then find it elsewhere and stop being such a namby pamby!

  4. I see that our local political sociopath has signs strewn across the boro announcing that she is still running for mayor despite losing in the primary (are there enough marines, soldiers, airmen and sailors from the boro away on active duty that somehow in her shifty mind she thinks that she could manipulate their votes to get her elected?). Great! She will siphon votes from the extremely low information voters away from Paul (been there, done that, that didn’t work the first time, same old stuff) Cusick and help get Joe Scioscia elected mayor, who just by his party affiliation should have an idea of what our Lincoln Avenue business district requires to make it thrive.

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