Why Vote on Tuesday? Reason #1!


There’s a popular phrase around here, perhaps you’ve heard it, “That just won’t work around here.” It seems that just about everybody on or affiliated with the current crop of leadership in Bellevue have made that their leadership philosphy. With few exceptions, namely Kathy Coder and Mark Helbling, every time a new idea or suggestion is offered them, they respond, “That just won’t work around here.”

The same group of people have been in legislative power for years and years in Bellevue. It’s time to put away the backwards thinking that says “NO!” to every new idea.  It’s your turn to decide which new candidates will be best to take Bellevue in a better direction!
An overwhelming majority of Bellevue residents ‘spoke with their vote’ in May!  They made it clear that they want a new direction. The following is a short list of what residents have communicated to LiB over the last 18 months – a “wish list” of sorts for the leaders of our new council majority.
-Fresh ideas, creative methods for accomplishing tasks.
-Openness to modern communication, conversations, and social media (done PROPERLY!)
-A long term plan, something tangible that the public can access and look at.
-Willingness to put the proper people in the proper positions to get things done.
-Willingness to get behind the organizations that are working on bettering this town, it’s business district, and the overall quality of life for the residents.
-Inviting innovative suggestions, and taking help when it’s offered.
-Refrain from micro-managing and focus on the job of legislating.
-Teamwork! Legislators that can truly work as a team, putting personal agendas aside.
-Road Trips! Take a very close look at what other successful towns are doing to achieve progress, revitalization, and prosperity.
-Town Hall Meetings – we need to start having them! A place for residents to give their feedback/suggestions.
-Legislators that are visible in the community, frequenting businesses and promoting the borough.
-Losing the “that won’t work here” attitude and starting a “we need to make this happen” attitude.
-Facilitating businesses, seeking out new entrepreneurs, and making it possible for Bellevue to prosper!
These are just a few reasons that new blood can mean a new direction for our borough! Get out and vote on Tuesday, November 5th!



7 Responses to “Why Vote on Tuesday? Reason #1!”

  1. I thoroughly agree! I’m sick to death of negative politics! We need more positive solutions, rather than rants of “how that idea won’t work here!” I’m in favor of less government intrusion, and in favor of communities coming together to create solutions to our problems everyone can agree to, not just the politicians!!

  2. I have a few other things that to add to this list!

    -A publicly accessible simple spreadsheet of voting records (fiscal and non-fiscal issues) for our elected officials. 3/4 columns – Issue being voted on, the elected officials name, and whether they voted Y, N, N/A. I sent in an RTK request for voting records to the Bellevue borough a few months back, I was told that I could feel free to come in and read through all of the minutes from all of the meetings to get voting record information. Apparently NOBODY records these records digitally. This boroughs archaic ways of doing things is quite frustrating. The digital era started ages ago…can we please catch up?!

    • Speaking about the digital age, also mention in your list to request a better job posting ordinances on the Bellevue website the last passed ordinance posted is from July 2012.

      • Not only post them but before they vote they should actually give us some idea of what the ordinance is. For those that don’t attend the meetings they have what they call the first second and third reading of an ordinance before it is voted on. The problem is that they don’t read it!!! No one is asking for it to be read in its entirety but I would and have suggested that someone give the basic outline of what they are trying to accomplish, how they plan on doing it with the ordinance. This could take 2 mins. Unfortunately when this was suggested I was told to speak to the new solicitor who tried to fumble around and not give any answer. It’s a simple yes or no to answer the question “Can you provide an overview of what the ordinance is?” Unfortunately it’s up you to ask because in their eyes you only need to know what they tell you, you need to know.

  3. I have never refused to explain a proposed ordinance to anyone. I have emailed copies of requested ordinances to LiB members and anyone who has asked. The posting of ordinances is the responsibility of the borough manager. Our past manager had other priorities. Give this new manager time to get the office in order and you will see an improvement with what is posted on the website. He walked into a mess. Stop complaining and give him some consideration. No one disagrees that we need to have this information on the website. We posted these documents before LiB started to attended meetings and they will be posted in the future.


    No one ever said that you refused to email an ordinance to anyone. I’m starting to wonder if you’re “reading” what people are saying or “interpreting” what people are saying. There is a huge difference between those two things.

    I’m pretty sure that what Mark R. has asked of council is to have someone (who really cares who does it?) read the ordinance and/or give a detailed overview of what the ordinance entails, proposed fines, etc… DURING THE COUNCIL MEETING. As residents, we should not have to REQUEST this information to be presented at meetings. If you feel that it would take up too much time, then perhaps the answer to that problem is to stop writing ridiculous ordinances.

    • Thanks Danina. That’s exactly what I was saying. That is a perfect example of the Woshner I’m only going to hear what I want to hear. It was a suggestion that has been made repeatedly and consistently ignored. It’s takes about 15 seconds to post something on the internet. Then again she thinks that share point is advancing the technology of the borough. Honestly they could even make a public “share point” and post this information right there when they are using the program. Then again, I’m not a business process expert or anything…..the one thing I have learned while managing 250 million dollar budgets, implanting continuous improvement a lean business processes is that the only ones who fight change are the ones who are scared of it.

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