Braunlich Campaigns = Bully Them Into Submission

Most of Bellevue has the intellectual capacity to realize that when it comes to local politics, it’s not ideological or even party differences that matter, it’s whether or not people can be trusted to work together towards the betterment of the community. If there’s one thing Liberty in Bellevue has demonstrated throughout our existence, it’s that the current majority has absolutely no desire in working with those who are not part of their inner circle. If you are not welcome around the privacy of their kitchen tables to make backroom decisions that effect the entire borough, then you’re ideas and efforts will be flat out rejected in the official public meetings.

When the eyes of Bellevue voters were opened to this fact, the public flat out rejected those involved in bullying away their opposition with their votes. Jane Braunlich was rejected as the candidate of choice for the Democrats in her mayoral race. Jim and Sue Viscusi were flat out rejected in their council races.

However, in spite of these amazing victories the stench of insults and bullying one’s neighbors into submission remains. As usually, it all points back to Jane Braunlich’s decision to ignore the Democratic Party of Bellevue who chose Paul Cusick over her and, her husband, Mike Braunlich’s desire to win a council seat in Ward 1 (or reserve the space for his wife Jane when she loses her mayoral bid). These two have decided they will continue to lie about and bully their neighbors in a desperate attempt to maintain power and influence in Bellevue.


coder postcard

Just to be sure it wasn’t forgotten, perhaps it’s worth point out that Liberty in Bellevue was made a target of the Braunlich’s bully campaign priory to the primary elections back in May:


As usual, long time community servant and friend of Bellevue, Kathy Coder, responded as professionally as possible to the bully tactics of her opposition:

As Election Day is upon us, I did some reflection–When I got appointed to the council, I kept thinking, it really can’t be this childish…but 4 years later, I am still in utter astonishment at the silly, juvenile games people play to protect their little kingdom, instead of using all this energy to do something positive to improve the community. As I read Ms. Woshner’s accusations and hear about another mudslinging postcard in people’s mailboxes against me, I take great solace knowing I’ve done something right–or they wouldn’t go to such great lengths to destroy me. If the positive changes weren’t a threat, no one would care. However, I do have to wonder about people who constantly accuse other people of wrongdoing….it usually means it’s the very thing they are guilty of! Whatever happens Tuesday, I am ready to be done with the “Bellevue mean girls in high school” club. But, a BIG thank you girls…what didn’t kill me, made me stronger!!!


5 Responses to “Braunlich Campaigns = Bully Them Into Submission”

  1. The ‘Old Guard’ of Bellevue politics is threatened by people like Kathy Coder: educated, successful, values-centered and most of all – not a Bellevue lifer. This is obvious because her record is not attacked – they resort to personal attacks. This same group openly campaigned against her in her unsuccessful PA Legislature campaign. Why else make someone’s tax records public – or criticize something like her religious faith? It sounds like they would like to remove “worship” from our Bellevue sign.

    The ‘Old Guard’ reminds me of the narrow thinking of the ‘old guard’ in the movie Jaws. Remember when the mayor of Amity Island kept telling newcomer/non-native resident Chief Brody that he didn’t understand what he was talking about? How often have Bellevue ‘old guard’ elected officials told borough employees how to do their job?

    We might not have a killer shark in our community, but if we sit back and allow narrow-minded exclusionary thinking lead us, we will surely continue to be a stagnant “inner donut” community.

  2. I think its a SHAME that people can put out distorted stories and lies about good people just to benefit themselves or their misguided mission. I have been working with Kathy Coder from her start on council here in Bellevue and it has been a great experience actually “working” with someone with such integrity, intelligence and ability to work and communicate well with people whether we agree or disagree. She has a genuine desire to see this town be all that it can be and has dedicated many hours towards that goal- without taking credit for a lot of it. She has vision and ideas to help improve this community and also appreciates its current strengths. . She also has the ability to recognize skills and talents in others and has used that insight to put people together to accomplish goals for the the betterment of the town- not by controlling what happens but by allowing good talented people do what they do best. :
    Example- contrary to what the postcard states above-Kathy once met someone at a government function and realized that this woman could be valuable in our office .Through the normal hiring process with an open door to any applicants – We- “the council” hired this woman- not Kathy “alone”. She was a tremendous asset – bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants for Bellevue projects because she knew what she was doing and was highly skilled. .Keep in mind we have not received or gone after grants anywhere near this for all the years I have been there. BUT- there were those that would rather waste a dollar to save a dime and who could not appreciate the value of a qualified professional employee and she eventually left the borough.

    In the world there are people who, because they would easily do wrong to achieve a goal- seem to believe that others are like them or that they cant trust others that are actually honest because in their mind it is not possible for someone to have such honesty and integrity and be doing things for the good. It amazes me how people without integrity can twist a story to benefit themselves or just to make their opposition look bad- its actually sad. :

    Example- the postcard above states that Kathy forged a signature on a borough credit card. But here’s what they don’t tell the public- “The truth” which is this – Every year the Boro sponsors the 4th of July festivities at Memorial Park – this is well known. This one particular year there was some confusion somehow and the ball was dropped accidentally by the committee and no one was designated to pick up all the food and supplies at Sams Club. Try to imagine 600 people or more showing up for all the free food etc on that day and we had none ! Mrs Coder and husband at last minute heard about this and gave up their time and took it upon themselves to use the designated Boro credit card and purchase the budgeted supplies and saved the picnic from failure. My response and what should have been the response from others was – THANK YOU !

    I could write a lot more here and I could surely write a lot of truths that would shine very negative light on the very people on council who bash others with lies and distortions- but I wont- at least not yet. What I will say in closing is with all honesty and appreciation- Kathy Coder has been great for council and this boro and I hope that the voters will realize this tomorrow..
    Sincerely spoken, Mark Helbling

  3. We’ll stated mark. I am so tired of hearing the lies and distortion. They do a great job at deflecting the attention from what they haven’t done by smearing others. I have yet to hear anything positive that they plan to do to make Bellevue better. Their whole campaign is run on lies and intimidation. No substance or forward thinking ideas.

  4. This all reeks of high school. The lies and the distortion simply to get one’s way. I say it seems like High School but I’m sure Jane doesn’t understand since she never graduated.

    It is clear that Jane has no idea how to lose with dignity. She lost her last election by a coin toss and then fought successfully to have a military man’s honest vote (against her) thrown out. Now she loses the fair and square democratic ticket (by MUCH more than one vote) and is still refusing to bow out.

    Now the negativity? It’s truly disgusting. How about sucking it up and helping others make this place a great place? I am sure if your vitriol (look it up) were put aside, you would have a lot more supporters besides a joke of a town paper that is just as venomous.

    • You want to know something Nancy, what the hell have you done in your entire life to contribute to your community?. You talk your crap about people who have given of themselves countless hours and far more time than you just spouting off in your cute dress sitting at a computer.
      You should find something manly (do you know what that means?) to do.

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