Why Vote on Tuesday? Reason #2

ILELECTIONRESULTS-e1352220908791After months of picking apart the hard work of Allegheny Together, Town Center Associates, and the Bellevue Streetscape design plan, Allegheny County has labelled Bellevue as “hard to work with”. Micro-managing has taken its toll on the people that were hired to do a very specific job. Bellevue legislators gathered and presented out-dated information from other towns regarding bump outs that were installed 20-30 years ago, stating that they’re hard to maintain and hard to navigate.
Several residents and a few council members argued that many of the design flaws of the early 90’s have been fixed and that bump outs can actually play a vital role in rain water drainage, beautification, small green spaces, and most importantly, the safety of pedestrians.
If the ultimate goal is to have Bellevue become a small business hub, then shouldn’t we be putting the proper infrastructure in place to accommodate the increase in foot traffic that a full revitalization would trigger? Our new team of elected officials will have to be sure to embrace the work that outside organizations have to offer for our borough. Although the plan may not fit into someone’s personal agenda, being open minded enough to be able to understand and accept the need for these sorts of partnerships, is the first step. Just because a council member isn’t a fan of a portion of a plan doesn’t mean that it’s not the best decision for the borough. Personal agendas need to be put aside, negativity needs to be put aside, and an openness to see the advantage of public-private partnerships could really be the key to taking Bellevue to the next level!  There are multiple parts to the Bellevue Streetscape design plan, Bellevue is only in the beginning stages. It’s our job to elect the proper people to ensure that the future stages of our Streetscape plan are approached with a more positive attitude.
Our new team of leaders can change the perception that Bellevue is “hard to work with” so that other organizations will want to work with us and give grants for bettering our borough. If we want to continue to receive opportunities for advancement, then the overall sentiment needs to be one of positivity and welcoming of new ideas!

16 Responses to “Why Vote on Tuesday? Reason #2”

  1. I would like to know who told you we were considered hard to work with. I have had a few conversations with the county and never was told or was given the impression we were hard to work with. The county has been very cooperative and accommodating. Please give me the person’s name.

    Also, I not only talked to a community that had bump outs from the 1980s but 2 communities that had them installed within the past 10 years. The general opinion is bump outs are a maintenance nightmare. They are nice the first few years. Our money can be better spend on sidewalks and lighting. I can only take the advice of communities that have had experience with them. I can’t help it if you disagree. So I am considered negative because you disagree with the experience of these communities. So let’s get someone on council that is your puppet?

    • Funny how you want to talk about “people” getting drunk, “people” who are friends of others getting hired, “people” who disagree with you….and on and on and on and on….

      Any reason why you can’t name names? I don’t trust you enough to deal with that information in a professional manner. See above….you have nothing better to do than deal in high school drama…

      • I find it interesting I have never been told by the county about their concerns. Of course, they talk to just this group of people.

        You can’t trust me enough to deal with information in a porofessional manner? How dare you say that. I am a responsible person and I do not have to prove it to you. This drama is made up by this blog. One example: I talk about people getting drunk. Where the heck did that come from?There is so much misinformation on this blog and you want to judge me.

        I will not drag an innocent employee through the mud, therefore, I will not name names. You know who they were/are.

      • You want to know where “heck that came from”. To quote you from the Corning NY comment section…”instead of walking around drunk, I was networking and looking for professional companies at the conference that provide services to municipalities.”

        So who was it? I know who you are talking about because its an old allegation that has been thrown around before…

        And I’m glad you repeated what I said. I don’t trust you enough to give you information regarding comments that a person made because you and your friends will try and drag them through the mud, call their employers, etc…..we’ve seen it all before….and if it wasn’t you, then the fact that you are standing up and campaigning for some of the folks that do these things speaks volumes about your character.

      • I also noticed how you picked up on just the drunk comment thinking I couldn’t substantiate it….what about the “people” who are friends of others getting hired?

        Grow up Linda….

  2. Sorry to say its true, perhaps you can find find someone within the Allegheny Together or county offices and you will find that they were all but ready to wash their hands of us.

  3. The bumpouts of old or even 5 years ago are not what we are getting here. I spoke with an alcosan person who statesd that they strongly encourage these to be utilized for all the reasons above. Hopefully once you see the actual product you will understand the beauty and benefit.

  4. Mrs. Woshner,
    Did you, the puppet master of council majority, just try to imply that I’m going to have puppets on council? That’s hysterical, considering that the majority on council would lose their heads if they weren’t attached without your pulling their strings to make them talk. What i think is really going on here…a group of younger, more imaginative, more creative, and more motivated to take Bellevue further than your mind will allow you to accept is about to move in onto your “turf” in January. You and your friend from the “news” outlet will no longer be able to tell everyone what to think and how to vote.

    How about this… you read these blogs and leave a comment stating that you will try to do the things that the public is asking? After all…it’s “for the people, by the people”. Last time I checked, that means that you answer to us, not the other way around.

  5. One more thing- the bumpouts with their wet weather functions and the GREEN initiative- become a BIG source of grant funding for the entire project – therefor it is not accurate to say that we are wasting when we create the potential to receive free money…

  6. If you want to see what a well designed street scape in Allegheny County looks like, go to Brookline Blvd! It has bumpouts at each intersection. They have well groomed flower beds. The traffic flow is well maintained. The status quo must change in Bellevue! We need forward thinking, positive representatives in our local government, who are open minded, not negativity!

  7. Who maintains the flower beds? They need constant watering, weeding and updating of the flowers. Mt Lebanons are always beautiful. The one Bellevue has next to West View Bank is usually pretty sad looking. I, personally, love the flowers but they do need upkeep.

    • Thank you. What I have been told is they are a maintenance nightmare. We need to learn from other community’s experiences. They look good the first couple of years and then there are issues with upkeep and vandalisn. We have a cigarette butt issue on our sidewalks. Is this going to happen to the bump outs. I am only communicating what I have been told. I am not making this up.

      • Just because there may be a few obstacles doesn’t mean that it will be awful for everyone. Just stop looking at the negatives and consider the positives…and keep up with the maintenance so it doesn’t become a problem. Just because it’s something you’ve been told doesn’t mean it isn’t still a possibility.

  8. You can now stop the politics and slamming me. The election is over and we all need to work together to make Bellevue the best place to live.

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