Why Vote on Tuesday? Reason #3


You’re informed on the latest issues, informed on the way council members are voting, and informed on who’s voting for the things that you support and/or don’t support.  Video coverage forces accountability and transparency from our elected officials. Having a library of past videos at your fingertips on the Liberty in Bellevue website gives you the power to go back and review issues and voting records.  It gives you the power to share this information with other residents in Bellevue. And it provides you with the only place on the web where you can comment, give your opinion, and ask questions in a public forum. Conversations are the stepping stone for change, comment away!

Filming and publicly posting the council meetings, candidate forums and some local events has made pertinent information available to EVERYONE. Reading meeting minutes is essentially the same as reading a persons “version” of the meeting. Reading a newspaper article covering what happened in a meeting is the same – a “version” of the meeting. But watching the meeting, unedited, is the only true form of transparency when it comes to gathering information about the elected officials and what they stand for.  Sure, a quick look at meeting minutes may give you the “cliffs notes”, but in the case of government…cliffs notes can be pretty misleading. 

Meeting videos are available in their full, unedited form on the LiB website. We’ve recorded and posted nearly every pre-council & council meeting since July 2012. There is important information in all of them! Grab some popcorn, a comfy seat, and dedicate some time to watching these videos – there’s no better way to get to know the ins and outs of our local government!


One Response to “Why Vote on Tuesday? Reason #3”

  1. I watched the latest video last night and it was very informative. It was crucial to my decision making. From seeing who took the time to attend as well as their comments speaks volumes. I reversed some decisions after only reading the candidate bios, you need to see the candidate interaction and response to issues affecting our community. The more information we have the better off we all are.

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