Bellevue General Election Results!

ILELECTIONRESULTS-e1352220908791Leadership in Bellevue has taken a dramatic and exciting turn as a result of last night’s historic elections.

In the race for mayor, Paul Cusick ran away with the election leading with a strong 53% majority. Joe Scioscia competed hard but was unable to overcome Cusick. Jane Braunlich’s desperate attempt to overcome her devastating loss in the primary ended with an even more disastrous defeat.

Similarly, Jane’s husband Mike Braunlich wound up finishing far behind his competitors Henry Lenard and Kathy Coder in the race to represent Ward 1 on Bellevue Council. Henry and Kathy will join current Council President Linda Woshner as the three Ward 1 Representatives.

The election in Ward 2 was all but decided back in May’s primary. Without any known challengers, Matthew Senvisky and Vencent Menosky will join Frank Camello as representatives of Ward 2.

The competition over the single available seat in Ward 3 came down to the wire with incumbent Lynn Heffley holding onto to her seat by a difference of 39 votes (not including a few potential write in ballots). Grant Saylor fought hard in his challenge of Heffley, but ultimately wound up short. Heffley will continue serving alongside Mark Helbling and Jim Scisciani representing the third ward.

Perhaps one of the most dramatic elections of the year was found in the race for the four available seats on the Northgate School Board. After barely achieving a spot on the ballot as a result of a tie with Dan Klicker in the primary, Bryan Johnston defeated the incumbent and will join Amy Joy Robinson, Lisa Saylor, and Jennifer McWilliams as brand new faces on the school board.

Joe Nolan was unchallenged in his bid to remain Bellevue’s tax collector. However, his son Michael Nolan launched a last minute write in campaign to assume the role of Bellevue Auditor. Even though write in ballots must be verified by Allegheny County, noting 85 write ins for Auditor one can only assume Nolan was successful in being elected.

Liberty in Bellevue congratulates all who were victorious in their pursuit to serve our community via an elected office. We are thrilled to have played a part in this year’s election cycle and look forward to the progress which should come as a result of the changes the voters have made. There is much to be optimistic about due to the decisions made and we firmly believe Bellevue will be a better place as a result.
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6 Responses to “Bellevue General Election Results!”

  1. I want to personally thank all of the candidates who dicided to run for an elected office. Also thank you to all who came to the polls to support their candidate of choice. I was very impressed with the number of voters who came to the polls already prepared to make their decision.
    Congratulations to all of the winners for Mayor, Council and Northgate School Board. I would also like to send a special thank you and congratulations to Lynn Tennant-Heffley. We had a close race and Lynn remained professional throughout the race. I am confident that Lynn will do a great job representing the Third Ward.
    Now that this is done lets get moving and put Bellevue on the map…

  2. Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday to support the future of Bellevue. I appreciate LIB’s efforts the past year to provide a portal by which citizens can get educated and not only gather information, but actually see for themselves what goes on.Yesterdays results spoke volumes that we are ready to move in a positive direction. I am excited to be a part of this movement– I believe we are at the “tipping point.” The best is yet to come!!!!

  3. I would like to thank all of the people that I have spoken with and had asked advice from during this year of election. People in this community have great visions and interest in Bellevue as their town of choice. We must pull together and try to understand every action has a consequence. Although not every decision is going to please everyone yet as long as we vote with a conscious mind with sincere understanding the impact of our duty to do what is best for the entire borough, then can we successfully maintain the integrity that our voters and town deserve.
    LiB has done a great job of bringing awareness to the street and I hope this will continue. I believe that is what a functioning town needs in order to thrive….energy from people and LiB has that.
    I would also like to thank the Viiscusis as they were not only professional at the polls yesterday but also kind enough to answer some of my questions and concerns I had about the role of a council person.
    The new school board members also seem to have great ideas and energy to help maintain and address areas of need concerning our school district. Vital to every town in America are our schools and I believe within reason and ability our new school board will do their best to ensure the future of a better education and wellness for the youth of our town. I mention within reason due to the fact there are many state and federal regulations that sometimes hinder or may project a school district truly from what it is not. Along with those factors, someone yesterday mention the importance of a good family and home environment. We can not tell anyone how to raise their children but hopefully we can give opportunities to all who are trying to pursue a better life.
    Last but not least I would like to thank everyone who had their names on the ballots. These candidates may have not won at the polls but hopefully their momentum in the pursuit of participating will be an example to Bellevue, yes we do have good neighbors, parents, children and business owners who want to stay and contribute to the betterment of our community.

    Forward Only!

  4. If wordpress had the facebook “like” function I would like all of this. Somewhat lame statement, but still so true. Congrats Bellevue! 🙂

  5. As the Doscher’s exit our many years in this great borough, I believe that we now have a council that will be able to work together. Also, congratulations to the new school board members. That is a very difficult job and I am so happy that so many great people stepped up to make this district a success.

  6. Thank you to all who supported my candidacy. In the 24 years that I have been involved, I have never seen the amout of young voters that came on Tuesday. If their enthusiaism is maintained, change will happen. I believe that it is time for that change. Liberty in Bellevue has been a large factor in the movement and should be commended.
    Thank you to those who did not support me. Except for the very few who voted because of political party, I believe that the voters knew who they were voting for (except for judges, nobody knows about judges) and what they were voting for. They voted for elected officials to improve the quality of life in Bellevue and Northgate. With God’s help and hard work, we can do that.

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