Change is Coming!


reorganizationThe residents of Bellevue expressed their displeasure with the majority of Bellevue’s elected leadership and voted with a resounding voice for change in the 2013 elections. Well, now that it’s officially 2014, it’s time for those seeds of change to finally bear fruit! This Monday evening the new council and new mayor will be sworn into office at the Bellevue Charter-required “Reorganization Meeting.”

Additionally, during this meeting the next council will select a President and Vice-President. The method of making this selection varies as it is handled differently with each new mayor, though generally speaking a council member will nominate an individual(s) to serve as President or Vice-President with a vote to follow. It will be interesting to see who this council elects for these vital positions. Few doubt current president Linda Woshner will seek re-election, but with such a dramatic change in the council (including Vice President Jim Viscusi’s loss) she will likely have at least one, if not two challengers for the role. Council woman Kathy Coder served as president previous Mrs. Woshner. Will Coder be invited to serve as president once again? Or will council seek a completely new president? Perhaps Mark Helbling? Or Lynn Heffley?

Regardless of the outcome, the meeting on Monday night (which will include the Pre-Council Meeting previously scheduled for Tuesday, January 7) promises to be an interesting one as the 2013 election results become a reality and Bellevue is finally able to pursue a renewed vision for growth and prosperity. Here’s to a fantastic 2014 in Bellevue!


The reorganization meeting will begin at 7:45pm on Monday, January 6. You can click here for a copy of the agenda.


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