Changes Made in Bellevue’s Leadership

BELLEVUE – your hard work, belief in our borough, and determination to see a new local government was finalized at last night’s re-organization meeting.  Your newly elected council members, Henry Lenard, Mathew Senvisky, and Vencent Menosky were sworn in, along side their re-elected colleagues, Lynn Heffley and Kathy Coder. Newly elected Mayor, Paul Cusick, Tax Collector, Joeseph Nolan and Auditor, Michael Nolan were also sworn in.  The Honorable Tara Smith lead the ceremony.

The floor was opened for new nominations for President and Vice President of Council. Kathy Coder nominated Mark Helbling for President, no other nominations were made. Linda Woshner nominated Lynn Heffley for Vice President, no other nominations were made. Both seats were filled uncontested, without discussion, and a unanimous vote.

A short debate about the new meeting schedule for 2014 arose when former council President Linda Woshner made a case that keeping the current schedule would be good for continuity and would ensure that the public not be confused. New council President, Mark Helbling laid out a few options for what could be done with the meeting schedule, referencing a few ways that it had been conducted in the past. He encouraged an open conversation about what the new council wanted to do. Ultimately, only a small change was made to the meeting schedule. Rather than holding the committee meetings on the fourth Tuesday of the month, they will now be held on the first Tuesday.  The Pre-Council Meeting will be the second Tuesday and the Regular Council Meeting will be held on the fourth Tuesday. The council agreed this adjustment would be more productive, allowing the borough office and council members more time to prepare for the Regular Council Meeting which is designed to be the primary decision making meeting for the borough.

Just to be clear, the new meeting schedule looks like this:
First Tuesday of the month: Committee Meetings
Second Tuesday of the month: Pre-Council Meeting
Forth Tuesday of the month: Regular Council Meeting

(please note that there will not be a pre-council meeting in January 2014)

As expected, some new council members and the new President and Vice President were a little shaky with their new roles, which made for a more relaxed and casual meeting. As with anything new, it takes some time to settle in. We’re confident that everyone will be used to their new roles and prepared to make progress in the near future

Stay tuned to LiB for the full video coverage of the meeting re-organization meeting and business meeting that followed.

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