Tom Fodi Secures Spot on Ballot for State House

Tom Fodi, Bellevue native, North Side pastor, and Co-Founder/President of Liberty in Bellevue announced today that he has successfully secured a spot on the ballot for state representative in the newly restructured 20th Legislative District. The following comes from Citizens with Tom Fodi’s press release:

Bellevue native and North Side Pastor, Tom Fodi, traveled to Harrisburg yesterday, March 10, to personally file the necessary paperwork and nominating petitions to have his name placed on the ballot in the May 20th primary for Pennsylvania State House from the 20th District. Tom expressed gratitude for the hundreds of supporters who circulated and signed the petitions securing his place in the upcoming election.

“Throughout these early days of the campaign, our team has received nothing but overwhelming support for this race. The people of the 20th District we’ve talked with are excited to know someone with a history of dedicated community service is running for this office. They are tired of the broken promises and lack of accountability that is all too common in Harrisburg today. I’m not running for the State House to fill a cushy seat with taxpayer funded perks. I’m running for the State House to create an atmosphere of civic duty and accountability by restoring a part-time state legislature, to ensure sustainable education funding by reforming our archaic and failing property tax system, and to promote sustainable economic development in the region by removing layers of inhibitive bureaucracy, fees, and taxes for small business development.”

Tom Fodi is an Iraq War veteran and lifelong resident of Bellevue. Fodi is seeking the Republican nomination for the 20th State House District in order to challenge the incumbent Adam Ravenstahl or his primary challenger Tom Michalow. Fodi will not have a Republican challenger in the May 20th primary.

For more information concerning Fodi’s candidacy:

Citizens with Tom Fodi

P.O. Box 41021, Pittsburgh, PA 15202




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