Tom Fodi, Candidate for State Representative, Challenges the Status Quo of the Full Time Legislature

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Our school districts are laying off teachers, social services are forced to cut back, we even have to raise taxes just to fix our roads and bridges, yet in the midst of all this fiscal restraint our state representatives and senators are living the good life!

When you elect someone to represent you, you’re choosing someone to get paid over $100,000/year in salary, per diems, and other fringe benefits. When you couple legislator salaries with the thousands of staffers employed in both Harrisburg and the local districts, it costs over $320 million/year just to keep the legislature doors open.

Pennsylvania is one of only three states in the entire nation with what is considered a “full time, highly paid, professional legislature.” We also happen to be rated as one of the single most corrupt and inefficient state governments in the nation. 47 others states throughout the nation manage their governments with a part time, nonprofessional state legislature. If elected, my primary mission will be to return our state legislature to a far more efficient and cost effective part time status (the change was made nearly over night in the late 1960’s when the legislators voted themselves the largest pay raise in Pennsylvania political history and can be corrected with a single bill).

Before we lay off more teachers and raise taxes even higher, it’s time we use the money that’s being wasted in legislator salaries and benefits far more productively. It’s time we make the one funding cut that will actually help our Commonwealth. It’s time we join the rest of the nation and get our priorities in order!

Vote Tom Fodi for State Representative




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