Tom Fodi Earns Post-Gazette Endorsement

We received the following press release from the Citizens with Tom Fodi campaign team. Receiving the Post Gazette’s official endorsement is huge news for Fodi’s candidacy as it reinforces his independent, pro-community service and anti-corruption message for thousands of voters in the district. The endorsement is also an huge blow and quite embarrassing to Representative Ravenstahl’s campaign as it is quite rare that the Post Gazette endorses the challenger over the incumbent. There are less than three weeks until election day, something tells us that this campaign just heated up in ways neither candidate likely anticipated.

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Tom Fodi Rocks the Political Establishment and Garners Huge Endorsement

Pittsburgh, PA, 14 October 2014 – It is with much excitement that we announce Tom Fodi, the political outsider and first time candidate, has received the official endorsement of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in his campaign to oust the incumbent Adam Ravenstahl in the state’s 20th House District.

The Post Gazette Editorial Board writes, “Voters who are tired of elections that boil down to dueling ideologies might appreciate something different. Mr. Fodi, 31, of Bellevue is a refreshing break from the status quo. He is a pastor and military chaplain, and his guiding theme is what’s good for consumers…Asked what particular need they would like to fill in the district, Mr. Fodi cited the financial challenges of the Northgate School District and said the state must reconsider how it funds education…[Tom Fodi] demonstrates a willingness to think outside the box and embrace change, a skill sorely lacking in Harrisburg. The Post-Gazette endorses Tom Fodi.”

Tom Fodi grew up in the Bellevue, Avalon, and Pittsburgh’s North Side and graduated near the top of his class from Northgate High School in 2001. With an established career as a pastor, non-profit leader, business owner, and military officer/chaplain, Mr. Fodi has dedicated his life to putting the needs of others before his own. Describing himself as small-L libertarian, Tom Fodi has proven himself to be fiercely independent, not beholden to any political party or special interest group.

Tom Fodi will proudly serve and represent the residents of the 20th District rather than the special interest groups or political ideologues in Harrisburg. We are incredibly grateful for the support of the Post Gazette Editorial Board and their willingness to offer Tom Fodi their coveted endorsement for the coming election.



For more information contact:
Citizens with Tom Fodi
P.O. Box 41021, Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Phone: (412) 513-5184   E-Mail:


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