Election 2015 – Petition Period Begins

2015-02-17 14.29.02-1The 2015 Election Season is officially underway today with the beginning of the three week period known as the “Petition Period.” During these three weeks candidates and their supporters will be out in the borough gathering signatures to ensure their place on the ballot for the 2015 Primary Election to be held on Tuesday, May 19. So far, the question of who is gathering signatures to seek access to the ballot is unclear.

For Bellevue Council there is one seat up for election in both the first and second wards (Linda Woshner’s and Frank Camello’s seats, respectively) and two seats up for election in the third ward (Jim Scisciani’s and Mark Helbling’s seats). Additionally, there five seats up for election on Northgate School Board. Those five seats are currently held by Gary Paladin, Bridgette Jackson, Daniel O’Keefe, Timothy Makatura, and Shannon Smithey. If you are qualified and capable of fulfilling the job requirements of either of these offices, we encourage you to visit the Elections Bureau in the Allegheny County Office Building (542 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219) to pick up your petition packet. If you have any questions about running for office, feel free to contact LiB at libertyinbellevue@gmail.com.

The BIG issue this election cycle is the second attempt at an alcohol referendum in Bellevue. Our partners at A Better Bellevue  have been quite busy in recent weeks preparing for the big petition circulation as they must gather a minimum of 500 signatures to trigger a borough wide vote on whether or not to allow just a couple of retail liquor licenses within the Borough of Bellevue. We at Liberty in Bellevue are proud to support the folks of A Better Bellevue in this endeavor and ask you, faithful LiB followers to visit one of the four signing stations along Lincoln Avenue to sign the petition. The four signing locations along Lincoln Avenue are: Lincoln Barber, Good L’Oven Bakery, Grille 565, and The Pitt Stop.

Food for thought: A signature on the petition DOES NOT equal a vote in favor of the alcohol referendum. A signature on the petition merely affords the voters of our community the right to cast a ballot on the matter during the May 19 primary. Whether you agree that allowing a couple of restaurants along Lincoln Avenue the right to place wine or beer on their menus would help make Bellevue a better place to live or not, is not the point of signing this petition. The point of signing the petition is to enable to people of Bellevue as a whole decide that for our community. If you believe in liberty and the rights of the people to have their voice heard, then you should be willing and able to sign this petition.

Keep in mind that you must be registered to vote in the Borough of Bellevue to sign the petition and YOU must fill out the entire line next to your signature yourself (you cannot ask someone else to fill it out for you). 



2 Responses to “Election 2015 – Petition Period Begins”

  1. One of the most important things we have to know prior to election season is what is the position of the mayor, the current council and candidates for council regarding the introduction of liquor licenses into the boro. It is my understanding, and the info I was privy to implied, that mayor Cusick was against the liquor licenses. We need to get a stated position from these people where they stand on this issue. Additionally, we need to know the position of the business owners in the boro on where they stand.

  2. I am in favor of the alcohol referendum. It’s not a cure all but I do believe it can be a great spark for our town.

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