Election 2015 – History in the Making?


If Bellevue voters so choose, 2015 could be a historic election cycle. First and foremost, most voters are likely already aware that they will have the opportunity to give our business district the desperate breath of fresh air it needs by finally putting an end to the prohibition era ban on alcohol sales in the borough. Thanks to our partners at A Better Bellevue, who spent three weeks collecting signatures from the hundreds of voters who are desperate for change in Bellevue we could very well be on the precipice of the renaissance for which we’ve all been waiting!

In addition to the alcohol referendum, Bellevue voters will have the opportunity to complete the transition on Bellevue Council they began during the 2013 election cycle. The reformation of our local government began in 2013 with the replacement of Jim and Sue Viscusi with Vencent Menosky and Matt Senvisky, and the rejection of Jane Braunlich for Paul Cusick as mayor. This year, incumbents Linda Woshner and Jim Scisciani are being challenged by fresh faces in their respective wards, while incumbents Frank Camello and Mark Helbling have chosen not to seek re-election.

In Ward 1, Linda Woshner’s seat is up for election. Councilwoman Woshner will be challenged by Susan Shafer during the Primary on May 19. The winner of the primary will face pro-liberty reform candidate, Aaryn Hogue, in the November General Election.

In Ward 2, Frank Camello’s seat is up for election. Councilman Camello has chosen not to seek re-election and the only candidate to file to be placed on the ballot is Republican Thomas Hrynda. It is rumored that a yet to be named Democratic candidate is preparing for a write in campaign to challenge Hrynda during the General Election in November.

In Ward 3, Mark Helbling’s and Jim Scisciani’s seats are up for election. Council President Helbling has chosen not to seek re-election while Councilman Scisciani is being challenged by pro-liberty reform candidates Tom Fodi and Grant Saylor. All three candidates in this ward will proceed through the Primary Election and voters will elect two of the three to represent them during the General Election in November.

For as long as most can remember, Bellevue Council has been made up of the same people seeking re-election without challengers. With Mark Helbling and Frank Camello not seeking re-election, if Bellevue voters choose to replace Linda Woshner and Jim Scisciani and continue the transition they began in 2013, the majority of Bellevue Council will be made up of individuals with fewer than two years in office.

Regardless of how all these elections pan out, here’s to 2015 being a banner year for Bellevue!


One Response to “Election 2015 – History in the Making?”

  1. It’s refreshing to see people getting engaged and putting their hat in the ring- when I was appointed to council they couldn’t find warm bodies to take the seats. Everything rises and falls on leadership–Might be a clue why this town has been diminishing the last 20 years. It’s healthy to have competition. Thank you to all of you who are running and willing to get in the game. It is an eye-opening experience!

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