Bellevue Town Hall Meeting – Video


We had a fantastic day this past Thursday night at the Bellevue Town Hall Meeting. We heard from Mayor Paul Cusick, Grant Saylor of A Better Bellevue, and employees of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to discuss the pending alcohol referendum on Tuesday, May 19. State Representative Adam Ravenstahl was on hand as well to answer questions and express his support for the referendum.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, the entire 90 minute presentation, complete with questions from the audience, is now available below in the video. If you’re on the fence concerning the benefits/risks of passing the alcohol referendum, we encourage you to watch the entire presentation prior to voting. The facts, from the PLCB and individuals who have worked tirelessly with groups like them, Lawrenceville United, Wilkinsburg CDC, and others are laid out for all to hear in this presentation.

A special thank you to all of our friends from A Better Bellevue for putting this meeting together.

It behooves us to point out that though efforts were made to reach out to them, not a single person from the “No Bars in Bellevue” group were willing to speak at this meeting of over 100 people. 


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