No Bars Shows Their True Cards

Since anyone who disagrees with them isn’t allowed to be a part of the conversation or even post a general comment, we are taking to our blog to set the record straight concerning “No Bars in Bellevue’s” most recent post on Facebook. With a whopping 62 followers on Facebook (compared to more than 1300 on LiB and A Better Bellevue combined), the individual(s) behind No Bars in Bellevue are desperate for attention. Today’s post is revealing of this fact.

Here’s the screen shot of their post:
2015-05-14 08.46.27

Their main arguments are…Being a dry town is a unique selling point! Living in a dry town is a gift for children! If we change there is no going back!

Let us analyze these points one by one, shall we?

Being a dry town is a unique selling point!

Do we really need to entertain this preposterous comment? Really? Take a quick drive down Lincoln Avenue. Please, do it. Because apparently you haven’t done it in quite some time. Who is buying the “dry town” you’re selling? Sure there’s a few shops worth celebrating and supporting.

But, you know what else I see? Vacant and decrepit store fronts. Pawn shops. Check exchange places. Tobacco shops. Rent-A-Center. More vacant and decrepit store fronts. Discount cell phone stores. And nearly nothing open past 5 o’clock.

Bellevue and Wilkinsburg are the two remaining communities with prohibition era dry laws. Tell me, if Bellevue goes wet, are you moving to Wilkinsburg? Is Wilkinsburg currently the shining city on the hill in which you’d like to raise your family? If being a dry town is a unique selling point for businesses or families, WHY AREN’T BUSINESSES AND FAMILIES BUYING IT?!

Living in a dry town is a gift for children!

If by “gift for children” you mean it’s a great place to learn a lesson about economics, you’re absolutely right! Bellevue’s dry status is doing nothing to benefit children. In fact, it’s a detriment to families with children in our community.

Due to our dry status commercial development in our community has been at a near stand still for decades. Sure, new small businesses have come and gone in recent years. But there has been next to zero actual commercial development in our community. Commercial properties are the driving force for school property taxes in every successful school district surrounding ours.

Take North Hills School District for example. Their primary source of funding and development doesn’t come from residents, it comes from McKnight Road.

Northgate on the other hand relies heavily on overtaxing struggling families and retirees. Every year I (Tom Fodi) speak with my 91 year old neighbor about his property tax bill as he can barely keep up with the cost. Three generations of his family grew up in his small, ranch home, but he is fearful of being forced from it due to property taxes.

In addition to taxes, every single family with children I know spends very little money and time along Lincoln Avenue. If a young family with children goes out for dinner together, they go out to the North Hills or into the city. Why? Because, first of all, just about everything here shuts down at 5 o’clock. Secondly, dad wants a beer, or mom wants a glass of wine and they simply can’t get that here, or the family want some entertainment…you simply cannot get that here!

We do our children no benefit whatsoever by restricting commercial development along Lincoln Avenue.

If we change there is no going back!

And, then we come to the single greatest bold faced lie and scare tactic on their page so far. If the people behind No Bars in Bellevue were paying attention at the Town Hall Meeting last week they would know that this is completely untrue.

Once the dry laws are rescinded on Tuesday, if a group decides to work towards restoring them, they can do so by gathering signatures and giving the public the opportunity to vote on the issue again in four years. The referendum to end prohibition is not a one way street. It goes in both directions. It can be reversed.

Now, we know that the people behind No Bars in Bellevue were at the Town Hall Meeting. We saw them. We interacted with them. We asked and answered questions with them. Did they simply tune out during the part of the meeting when the PLCB representatives said in no uncertain terms, “this vote can be reversed if the community deems it necessary?” Or, are they resorting to their usual scare tactics to get folks to vote with them?

You be the judge…

In summation, being a dry town is selling absolutely nothing to anyone, it’s a HUGE detriment to children and our ability to attract young families, and nothing we are about to do on Tuesday is irreversible. All in all, we see absolutely no reason not to VOTE YES on Tuesday.


3 Responses to “No Bars Shows Their True Cards”

  1. Reply May 14, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    Can I get a yard sign supporting voting Yes To Bars in Bellevue?

  2. My grandmother Rose Heflin was the mayor in Bellevue for many years; she also was the first council woman. My grandmother also started the 4th of July festivities at Bellevue Pool, opened the teen club “The Brat” and countless other civic contributions. I’ve been wondering what my grandmother Rose would want to see happen and I do believe that she would be willing to vote yes again this is just my opinion but if there was anybody that wanted a better Bellevue it was my grandmother Rose Heflin. I do believe that there are special interest groups that stand to reapmost of the financial gain I do however think that that’s how most change happens anyway. I did find it ironic that during the special Townhall meeting for the subject there was nobody present from the “no bars in Bellevue” with an opening statement. I’m anxious to see if Bellevue getd with the current times, it opens their minds.

  3. I personally think most of those against alcohol sales in Bellevue simply do not want to see other people prosper. Their mindset is if I can’t get it then no one else should either.

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