Conditional Licensing Agreements Committee is Ready


by Grant Saylor

For those of you that have been following the conversations back and forth on the Alcohol Referendum you know that it has been a very emotional and controversial topic.

On Thursday, May 7, 2015 A Better Bellevue hosted an open forum town hall style meeting where we presented a few of the reasons why we are interested in pursuing alcohol sales in Bellevue.  Those reasons include;

  • A more vibrant Business District
  • Increased opportunity for new businesses to thrive
  • Increase foot traffic in town to help already established businesses
  • Job creation
  • Increased home values
  • Improved community image

I could go on and on listing potential advantages of passing the referendum but what I really want to address is COMMUNITY.  As I mentioned in the town hall meeting, there are tools in place with the PLCB to prevent nuisance bars from “popping up on every corner” as those against the referendum claim will happen.

The only thing that will allow that to happen will be the community not stepping up to the plate to ensure that we are helping to move the community in a positive direction.  If we sit back and do not get involved then we are, in fact, leaving it all to chance.  As the old saying goes – “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”  There has been no significant change in Bellevue in many years.  We have an opportunity right now to make an impact and throw our community’s name into the ring as an up and coming community.

For those of you who were at the meeting or have watched the video of the meeting, you heard me say that we would be working to have a committee in place to address the Conditional License Agreements on potential applicants.  This process needs to begin immediately if the referendum passes.  I am happy to announce that the committee has been formed and is ready to spring into action on Wednesday, May 20th pending a positive outcome at the polls.

proThe committee is made up of Bellevue Officials, Bellevue Business Owners, and Bellevue Citizens.  We have a fantastic variety of views and positions on the committee.  At our initial meeting on 5/20 ABB will be arming the committee with all of the tools needed to meet with new applicants for a R License from the PLCB and discuss their business plan and intended scope of operation for their proposed facility in Bellevue.  This process is in place for the first two applicants as well as anything moving forward pending council passing a resolution to allow another license.  We will also walk through a sample CLA and the process behind bringing it to closure with the PLCB.

So, there is a committee of people who are poised and ready to make a difference in the community. Are you ready to make a difference? If not me then who?  If not now then when?

For those who have asked – attached is a sample template that will be used to craft the Conditional License Agreement. This is the template that Lawrenceville uses and it is being modified to reflect what we need for Bellevue. This is only a sample for those who have asked.

As you can see we are poised and ready to go. We the COMMUNITY do have a voice and we are prepared to exercise that voice. Please get out on May 19th and exercise your voice by voting YES to change.


One Response to “Conditional Licensing Agreements Committee is Ready”

  1. Great Job explaining the facts Grant !!

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