Prohibition Over At Last and other election news

dfa009067d12db28196387f0aaf8a00eYesterday’s municipal primary was a historic one for Bellevue. As most are surely already aware, after more than 100 years of no retail alcohol sales in the borough, Bellevue is no longer a dry town!

That’s worth saying again – BELLEVUE IS NO LONGER A DRY TOWN!!

By an enormous margin of 63% in favor and 37% against, Bellevue voters declared the end of the economically destructive prohibition policy. After more than 6 years of hard work by some of Bellevue’s most dedicated and committed residents, business owners, and leaders, Bellevue is now officially open for new investment and redevelopment.

We had been telling people that we were “cautiously optimistic” we’d be victorious this time. We never imagined the referendum would pass by such overwhelming numbers. This simply goes to show how much power there is sticking to your goals and never giving up no matter how many set backs there may be along the way.

Liberty in Bellevue would like to personally thank all those who worked so hard to improve our community: the team involved with A Better Bellevue, all of you who told your neighbors and friends to get out and vote, all of you who kept posting on Facebook and Twitter to get the message out, and lastly, but most importantly, all of you voted yesterday (especially all those who told us you registered to vote for the very first time due to this issue). THANK YOU!!! Bellevue is poised to be a much better place thanks to all you’ve done. 11137161_10204330253033227_5247850000489331961_n

As exciting as it might be that the referendum passed, there is some other Bellevue political news to share.

In the first ward, Linda Woshner edged out Susan Schafer for a slim victory by 33 votes. Woshner will face liberty activist and first time candidate Aaryn Hogue in the general election in November for a seat on council.

In the third ward, all three candidates, Tom Fodi, Grant Saylor, and Jim Scisciani, will face off in the general election for two available council seats. In a surprising turn of events, Tom Fodi, conducted a last minute write in campaign and gathered more than enough of votes from Democratic voters to qualify as both the Democratic and Republican nominee in November. As the Democratic and Republican nominee Fodi will benefit from straight party voters on either side of the aisle.

It’s hard to deny that Bellevue is truly beginning to head down a road of change and new vision. Between the alcohol referendum, the changes made in our elected leadership two years ago, and the changes poised to be made as this year progresses, the future of Bellevue is truly beginning to look a bit brighter. There’s a noticable breath of fresh air blowing through our community. None of this would be possible without the amazing support of all of you – our faithful, LiB followers. Thank you for getting engaged and caring about our community as much as we do. Thank you for doing your part and getting out the vote. Here’s to a fantastic second half of the year and a much better Bellevue!!

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2 Responses to “Prohibition Over At Last and other election news”

  1. Happy, happy, happy!

  2. Suzanne MacGuineas Reply May 20, 2015 at 7:10 pm

    WOW! You finally did it. Congratulations to all of you. I gave up and moved to California because I was too old to wait for it to happen. I’m thrilled for you though. Good Luck….!

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