Public Meeting TONIGHT



A Better Bellevue, the organization behind the historic overturning of Bellevue’s dry laws last month, has begun the process of re-organizing into a committee which will serve the Bellevue community by becoming proficient and active in the PLCB’s legal process of filing petitions and creating Conditional Licensing Agreements with any restaurateur or investor seeking to apply for a liquor license. Much like other community-based organizations around the city (i.e. Lawrenceville United, Wilkinsburg CDC, etc.), A Better Bellevue is made up of elected representatives, business owners, residents, and others with a vested interest in a healthy, growing Bellevue. It was intentionally created NOT to be a political-based committee in order to maintain objectivity and fairness in the process of dealing with this economic issue.

To be clear, A Better Bellevue does not own or control the CLA process. It has not been established by any legal resolution or contracted agreement. A Better Bellevue is merely an organization of individuals working to be proficient and proactive in the handling of this often tedious and time consuming bureaucratic process for the sake of the community at large.

Tonight is the first ever A Better Bellevue CLA public meeting. The agenda for tonight’s meeting to be held in Bellevue Council Chambers at 6:30pm is to hear from the business owner seeking the liquor license featured in the image below, allow the public to express concerns, questions, or ideas concerning its adoption, and ultimately craft a conditional licensing agreement which will be filed with the PLCB as a binding agreement for the license holder. All residents, business owners, elected officials, and interested parties are invited to attend and participate in this historic and extremely important community meeting (all of the pertinent information is listed below). If you are unable to attend, but are interested in how it goes, LiB will be on hand to film and publish video of the meeting for your viewing pleasure.



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