Bellevue Election Day 2015


Please note there was an error in our last post. Election day is:

Tuesday, November 3rd. Tuesday, November 3rd. Tuesday, November 3rd.

The previous post incorrectly stated that election day was Tuesday, November 7th. Sorry!!

The rest of the post stands accurate and valid. It is time to replace the longtime incumbents on council who have led Bellevue through its worst decline in recent memory. Bellevue can and will be great again, it simply needs new ideas, new energy, and new leadership.

If you reside in Bellevue’s First Ward, remember to vote for Aaryn Hogue!


Aaryn will replace Linda Woshner. Linda, who owns millions of dollars worth of real estate throughout Bellevue, was at the epicenter of one of the single worst examples of dysfunctional government many of us had ever seen. While serving as Council President, she was responsible for a mass exodus of some of the most effective, professional, and successful municipal leaders Bellevue was ever blessed to have serve it. She was also one of the individuals at the epicenter of a conspiracy campaign chasing down former borough employees with video cameras to threaten their family’s livelihoods (if you need a reminder, click here). Aaryn comes as a much more effective, transparent, accountable, and capable leader for our community. She is a breath of fresh air in that she has no interest in power or politics. She simply wants to serve our community and see it succeed!

If you reside in Bellevue’s Third Ward, remember to vote for Tom Fodi AND Grant Saylor!




Tom and Grant will replace Jim Scisciani and Mark Helbling. Mark chose to not run for re-election in hopes of someone with new ideas and new energy taking his place. Mark understands it’s time for fresh visionary leadership in our town and we salute him for making that difficult choice. Though Jim is a wonderful person who has served our community faithfully for decades, Tom and Grant will provide much needed leadership, energy, organization, and ideas for our borough. Both Tom and Grant have invested heavily in Bellevue. They’ve served our town faithfully in numerous capacities. They are both desperate to see Bellevue become the kind of town many of us travel to spend time in. A town with life, vibrance, energy, and creativity.

Bellevue is on the cusp of greatness. This once beautiful and desirable small community truly can be the next “big thing” in the Pittsburgh region. The only thing towns like Carnegie, Millvale, Braddock, Lawrenceville, the East End, and many others have which Bellevue doesn’t is effective, visionary leadership. Let’s give Bellevue the new leaders it so desperately needs.

Remember to vote on Tuesday. That’s THIS Tuesday, November 3rd!


3 Responses to “Bellevue Election Day 2015”

  1. Woshner should never have been on council. Because of her substantial real estate holdings nearly everything that transpires in Bellevue has the potential to create a conflict of interest with her.

  2. Kathleen Krzywicki Reply November 2, 2015 at 11:14 am

    Thanks for the info.

  3. I know it is a goal of this political site to make me look bad, however, to say I am doing something unethical is crossing the line.

    Who would know best if it is a conflict of interest but the PA State Ethics Commission. I have been advised by them that no conflict of interest exists. I will add that I am not the only council person with rental properties but they are not mentioned.
    Let’s talk about what my husband and I have done for Bellevue. The people we rent to are, in my opinion, the best of the best. You don’t see the police called to our buildings. They are professionals. My properties are in good repair. We have purchased multi-family buildings and converted them back into one family homes which have attracted professional people to our community and increased the property values around them. Bellevue property values have increased in the last couple of years. There are people who want to own homes in Bellevue. It is going to take time but I see improvements.

    I will remind you I attended council meetings for years before being appointed to council. I lobbied to get a code enforcement department. The borough only had a part time code enforcement officer and no code office support. Also, I was instrumental in getting the property maintenance code enacted. Our code enforcement officer is not sitting on his hands. Of course, I would like him to do more but there are proper legal procedures that need to be followed and it takes time. If you have a blighted property that you would like him to inspect, feel free to contact him.

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