The Borough of Bellevue, a northern suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, was once a thriving small suburb of Pittsburgh.  Perfectly situated along the Ohio River and connected to all major areas of town by multiple main arteries, Bellevue had everything any suburb of Pittsburgh could ask for!  Sadly, though, Bellevue has been a community in steady decline for more than 30 years.  In that time many people have offered new ideas and taken action to bring new life to our community, however those in the “inner circle of power” have maintained a choke hold on our town.  The current modus operandi of our community is to maintain high taxes, discourage business development, and restrict the rights of its citizens in the hopes of slowing Bellevue’s decline.  In spite of all this, a swelling movement of residents, business owners, and community leaders who are passionate about this town and its potential are coming together demanding Liberty in Bellevue!

However, for this movement to make any impact and for Bellevue’s potential to be realized, action must be taken and solutions must be found for the problems facing Bellevue.  Additionally, those who have aided in this borough’s decline must be removed from their positions of power.  Those who realize the potential for growth and prosperity to be found in economic and personal liberty need to be supported into the spheres of influence.  Most importantly, though, the residents, business owners, and leaders of Bellevue need to be informed, engaged, and active if  liberty and freedom are going to have a chance bring growth and prosperity back to Bellevue.

This is the purpose of “Liberty in Bellevue.”  Whether you are a current resident or former resident, whether you are a current business owner or an entrepreneur with a dream, whether you have been active in Bellevue politics  or are merely a concerned citizen, all are invited to be a part of the “Liberty in Bellevue” movement.  If you have a bone to pick or simply an article you want to share, please send it to the website administrator by emailing us at libertyinbellevue@gmail.com.  If you’re on Facebook connect with this growing movement by joining our Facebook page by clicking here.

Thank you for visiting the website.  It is slowly coming together.  Feel free to share any suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns you might have.  All are welcome here (unlike other areas of our community).

7 Responses to “About”

  1. After reading all of the articles on this site, I can say this emphatically and honesty, YOU PEOPLE SCARE ME!!!! And this is all I’ll say at this time.

  2. I’m sorry you feel that way Gayle. As we’ve said in the past, if you have other ideas or suggestions to promote growth in Bellevue we are more than welcome to hear them. We appreciate you taking the time to explore the website though.

  3. Thank you, Tom

  4. Our pleasure. Look forward to hearing your ideas.

  5. This movement is just what Bellevue needs! Keep up the great work and you have all of my support.

    • Thanks Josh. We appreciate your encouragement. We’re dedicated and committed to this fight of making Bellevue a borough worth investing and living in once again!

  6. I sent an email to the above “contact” link a short while ago this evening. I am looking forward to joining the Bellevue community and getting involved

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