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FLASHBACK: Linda Woshner Corruption Scandal!

Liberty in Bellevue started about four years ago because we knew there were problems in our local government which needed to be brought to light. We knew there was a bit of mismanagement and dysfunction, however when we picked up the rock and shined a light into what was happening we were aghast by the roaches we exposed. […]

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Public Meeting TONIGHT

    A Better Bellevue, the organization behind the historic overturning of Bellevue’s dry laws last month, has begun the process of re-organizing into a committee which will serve the Bellevue community by becoming proficient and active in the PLCB’s legal process of filing petitions and creating Conditional Licensing Agreements with any restaurateur or investor seeking […]

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Tom Fodi Takes on the Harrisburg Political Elite in new campaign ad

Tom Fodi is the founder and president of Liberty in Bellevue. As a pastor, non-profit leader, Air Force officer, and business owner Tom has a long history of serving the North Boroughs. Tom is fiercely independent. He’s taking on the political elite of both major parties because he’s tired of the special interest groups in Harrisburg coming […]

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