Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 25 July 12 – Municipal regulations could douse some outdoor flames

Residents were most irritated with a requirement in the new law that grills, when in use, must be 5 feet from a house or other structure, property line or combustible materials. It prohibits grills from being used on wooden decks. There is no limitation on grilling in the county law.

“It was just an overreach of the local government,” said Bellevue resident Mark Robinson, 35, who co-founded a community group, Liberty in Bellevue, that has been a staunch opponent of the grilling rules.

Sewickley Patch, 12 July 10 – Bellevue Grill-Abration Protest Draws a Crowd

Charlene Kinyanjui had no idea a protest on Bellevue’s grilling ban was even happening in her town Thursday until she saw the large cook-out gathered in the streets outside the borough building.

She was one of hundreds who attended the “Grill-abration,” the name given to Thursday’s demonstration opposing a Bellevue ordinance that contains language preventing grilling within 5-feet of a residence, porch or combustible materials, for safety reasons.

“I think it’s taking away some of our rights,” Kinyanjui, 58, complained…

KDKA TV News, 12 July 10 – Grilling Ban in Bellevue Prompts Protest

 Hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken and steak. If you want to grill them in one local community, you better make sure you’re nowhere near your house or deck.

There’s a grilling ban in Bellevue, and dozens of people were out in protest on Thursday.

“This law is just a joke,” said Clarence Luff, a Bellevue resident…

Post Gazette, 6 July 2012 – Bellevue resident group forms to promote change

Bellevue council meetings are becoming more popular with residents these days, and one reason may be a new public awareness group called Liberty in Bellevue.

Co-creator of the group is lifelong Bellevue resident Tom Fodi, 29, minister for Emmanuel Christian Church in Brighton Heights.

He and Danina DiBattista, owner of Bite Bistro, say their community has been in decline for as long as they can remember. They graduated from Northgate High School in 2001…

KDKA TV News, 4 July 2012 – Bellevue Grilling Ordinance Debate Heats Up On Independence Day

BELLEVUE (KDKA) — Spurred on by honking motorists on this Fabulous Fourth, “Liberty In Bellevue,” struck a note for independence along Lincoln Avenue.

“I mean, who doesn’t want to have a cookout on the Fourth of July?” says community activist Tom Fodi.

The borough of Bellevue has been a battleground over a new burn ordinance banning backyard grilling within five-feet of combustible material including decks…

Tribune Review, 3 July 2012 – Sewickley residents free to fire up their grills

Hot dogs and burgers sizzling alongside ears of corn on a grill are a staple of many backyard picnics this time of year.

But many residents in nearby Bellevue likely have used alternative methods — or broken the law — to help aid their summertime menus because grilling within 5 feet of a structure or property line is illegal in the 8,300-resident town.

A resident caught violating the ordinance could face a $1,000 fine….

If you are interested in speaking with a representative from LiB please contact us at

3 Responses to “Press”

  1. Your public relations person is pretty good. Can you attract attention without him/her?

  2. Gayle,
    We just do what we do. They all came to us. None of us hunted anyone down for publicity. That’s what happens when you’re doing good for the community. If you have ideas to share with us, please feel free to drop us an email or leave a message in the comments. Action is our goal here.

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