Right To Know

As a tax payer, as a voter, as a resident you have a right to know what is going on within the walls of borough hall and we want to help ensure you have access to any information you might be seeking. In order to streamline the process of sharing information in an efficient, timely, and accurate manner, Bellevue uses the form posted below for processing. If you have a question, if there’s a matter which concerns you, if you simply want to know something, we encourage you to download the PDF version of the form (note the image you see is a JPEG file; click the link below the image), fill it out to the best of your ability, and submit it to the administrative staff at the borough hall either in person or via email (info@bellevueboro.com). Normally the administrative staff responds to such requests very quickly, however as far as we understand the PA Right to Know law, the borough legally has five (5) days to respond to any requests and may request up to 30 days to fulfill the request if it is possible for them to do so.

RTK form

Click the link here for the PDF version the updated Bellevue RTK Request Form.

4 Responses to “Right To Know”

  1. Why are full police reports no longer available to the public? Now on the North Boros News website it’s just a few brief items, and not the multi-page PDF with all of the crime info listed like it was in the past. The Citizen’s reports are brief and sporadic; you’re lucky to see one week of a few crimes reported in a month’s time.
    I have seen incidents firsthand and saw the arrests, knew what happened, who was involved, etc. and still nothing was ever reported on them. The same with burglaries and other crimes that happened to people I know.
    I believe our police department works very hard at their jobs and I am grateful we have them out there, but who is responsible for providing or publishing the crime reports and why did they stop? If things should not be shared with the public and we were lucky to see the full reports for a while but now we can’t, I’d like to know that as well. Or, is the info is available elsewhere? I am just looking for some sort of answer. Thanks.

  2. Sam – you must do the report requests yourself through Chief Sentner and he must approve your request. Police reports are NOT covered under the state Right to Know policy, so sometimes there is a fee to request a report unless you are directly involved in the incident. The Bellevue PD has an online form: http://www.bellevueboro.com/docs/pdreport.html

    The only free way to keep tabs on the Bellevue police is to buy a scanner.

  3. Thank you so much for the quick response, Scott. Very helpful. I appreciate it.

  4. I do not need to keep tabs on our police department though. Just the criminals and what’s going on around my family. I trust our cops to do their jobs very well and have seen firsthand how they go above and beyond. Thanks again. .

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