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Bellevue Election Day 2015

Please note there was an error in our last post. Election day is: Tuesday, November 3rd. Tuesday, November 3rd. Tuesday, November 3rd. The previous post incorrectly stated that election day was Tuesday, November 7th. Sorry!! The rest of the post stands accurate and valid. It is time to replace the longtime incumbents on council who […]

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Bellevue Election 2015: It’s Time for a New Council, It’s Time for a New Bellevue!

When was the last time you proudly proclaimed, “I live in Bellevue!” We used to. When many of us were children, we did. Bellevue was the envy of many communities. We weren’t “the city,” but close enough to it to reap the benefits. We once had gorgeous turn of the century homes that could house […]

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To continue progress started two years ago it’s Susan Schafer in Ward 1 and Alcohol Sales

As you are already aware, tomorrow is an enormous day for Bellevue. Tomorrow is election day and we have shared more relevant facts and honest data about the alcohol referendum than that old, crusty set of Encyclopedia Britannica you keep on the shelf. Allowing alcohol sales in Bellevue is a major step forward in the future development, growth, […]

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