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BYOB Ordinance Voted Down: A Response, by Danina DiBattista

On July 10th, 2012, the Bellevue council voted down an idea of running a 45 day trial period for allowing customers at BYOB establishments within this “dry” town to enjoy their libations at designated outdoor seating areas. This vote came after 3 months of vigorous debate within the committee meetings, pre-council, and council meetings. I […]

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In Their Own Words, “Jane Knows Best,” by Scott Irlbacher

I’ve put myself forward in Bellevue as an outspoken renter upset with the lack of progress enforcing code at rental properties in Bellevue.  This month we had a large apartment building on Forest Avenue demolished due to deteriorating conditions.  I wonder how many of those tenants who had to find new housing have remained in […]

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