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Why I Choose to Live in Bellevue, by Lisa Saylor

People often ask me where I live. When I tell them that I live in Bellevue, the response used to be- “oh, I had a relative or friend who USED to live there, what a nice little town”– OR – “Oh, that’s the nice little town with that really good restaurant.”  Recently the response has […]

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BYOB Ordinance Voted Down: A Response, by Danina DiBattista

On July 10th, 2012, the Bellevue council voted down an idea of running a 45 day trial period for allowing customers at BYOB establishments within this “dry” town to enjoy their libations at designated outdoor seating areas. This vote came after 3 months of vigorous debate within the committee meetings, pre-council, and council meetings. I […]

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LiB: For the Love of our Town, by Tom Fodi

From day one when the Liberty in Bellevue Movement took off people have tried to categorize the growing group of like minded people with a simple political affiliation or external group.  It seems like every day we get receive a message, comment, or third party reference labeling the LiB movement with yet another group.  We’ve […]

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