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Dear LiB: Why I Left – Andrew Frank Teravella Jr.

Written by Andrew Frank Teravella Jr., 39 years old Moved from Bellevue to Ambridge in 1994 I grew up in Bellevue and for the most part, it was a great place to grow up. There was so much to do…movie theater, Luigi’s, Bayne park, the YMCA. I loved being a kid in Bellevue, however I […]

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Dear LiB: Why I Left – Martina DiBattista

“Why I Left” is a new series of posts we are very excited to share with our readers.  In this series of posts former residents and business owners of Bellevue share with us the reasons they choose to leave the community.  Our intention with these posts are not to glamorize those who have left or […]

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