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Agenda: Transparent vs. Hidden by Danina DiBattista

There has been a lot of bad mouthing of “agendas” as of late. I wanted to clear some things up. The word agenda isn’t necessarily a bad word…Unless you’re referring to a hidden agenda. Then I could see where people would be more inclined to drag that very useful word through the  mud.  In a […]

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LiB: For the Love of our Town, by Tom Fodi

From day one when the Liberty in Bellevue Movement took off people have tried to categorize the growing group of like minded people with a simple political affiliation or external group.  It seems like every day we get receive a message, comment, or third party reference labeling the LiB movement with yet another group.  We’ve […]

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In Their Own Words, “Jane Knows Best,” by Scott Irlbacher

I’ve put myself forward in Bellevue as an outspoken renter upset with the lack of progress enforcing code at rental properties in Bellevue.  This month we had a large apartment building on Forest Avenue demolished due to deteriorating conditions.  I wonder how many of those tenants who had to find new housing have remained in […]

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